by Misty, Carsyn, Zach, Chantry, Brittney, and Chris.

A true Hero
These are the hands of students with the Baca logo
These are the hands of students with the Baca logo

BACA is an organization that helps children that have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused. BACA dedicates anything in order to protect and secure the abused children, and give them the childhood they deserve. We chose them for the reason that we respect them. Many people don’t know that children are being abused everywhere. Having someone there for those kids is awesome and we want people, like those in BACA, to help children. Bikers Against Child Abuse is an organization that we call a hero. We need more people like them to protect children. Some of the kids in our group have been abused, and we don’t want other kids to have no one to help them. Being abused changes your life, but being protected changes more than everything. The patch that represents BACA means everything. The patch that represents BACA tells everything about their organization. The white represents the innocence of the abused children. The red represents the blood of the children. The fist means the opposition to child abuse. The skull and crossbones are the symbol to the death of child abuse. And the chains represent their united organization. BACA helps kids all over the world, and we are lucky to have them. So if they keep up everything they are doing, kids might be saved all over the world.

The main thing BACA is out there to do, is to save kids. It is organized to receive calls from agencies. An agency that has contact with kids, gives them the name and address of the child, is given to BACA. Once they state that the case is legitimate, BACA rides around the area where the child’s house is, that lasts about and hour and a half. If the child wants, they can receive bumper stickers, patches, and other items. This is a big part of what BACA does. If the child is afraid or scared of the BACA members, the members make sure that the child knows that they are not alone, and you don’t want to mess with my family. If that does not work, they go to the house again and stay visible at all times. A letter will then be written to the abuser, stating that they are ready to whatever they need to, to stop the abuse from happening. BACA members are to not purposely engage with a perpetrator. They will ask for the neighborhood location, and take an awareness ride to warn people who they are and what they are there to do. If they somehow find out where the location of the child's house is, they will make sure they do not come in contact with them. If someone seeks harm on any BACA member, they will do anything they need to do in order to protect the members of BACA.

A lot of things have an impact on our community, but the impact BACA has is one of the biggest. Seeing a group of bikers riding around saving kids shows us what heroes they really are. Most bikers you know are tough and not really the nicest ones you know. But that is not the case with BACA. They may look mean, but they are dedicated to saving children. If more people did what the BACA organization did, maybe child abuse would not go on as much as it does now. We need more people like that in our world. Everything that we have learned about them, has inspired us. After people hear about them, they should be inspired to try to make a difference, just like BACA. And something you can do to help the organization is to donate on, for kids in need. A report of abuse is made every ten seconds; almost 5 children die everyday; 90% of children abused know the abuser; 14% of men in prison were abused and 36% of women in prison have been abused; that is a lot of child abuse that has happened, and didn’t get stopped.

So out of everything we learned about BACA, we came to the conclusion that they are our true hero. And after you finish reading this, BACA should be your hero too. That organization is a miracle for saving kids from they hate the most. If we all could do what Bikers against Child Abuse does, then we could save a lot of kids. A lot of kids need our help and, as of right now, BACA is the one that is helping the kids that need help. They are making America a better place to live in. A place where no one will be afraid to walk in their backyard and not get hurt would be wonderful. BACA is a hero and an amazing organization and without them, there wouldn’t be someone to help the generation after us. And if anything ever happens to this organization, we’ll make a difference no matter what. So let’s help BACA, help save the children of America from abuse.

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