Bill Belsey

by Alec from Calgary

What the mind can conceive and the heart can believe, we CAN achieve
Bill_Belsey  (I made it)
Bill_Belsey (I made it)

William Belsey was born on August 15, 1958 in Ottawa, Ontario. He is married and has two children, a son Alex who is 15 and a daughter Julia who is 13. His wife's name is Helene. Today Bill Belsey works as a grade five teacher for Springbank Middle School. William Belsey is a teacher for Canada’s coolest grade five class. I am in his class. His name is William but people call him Bill. His father was born in London. He has created lots of web sites to stop bullying such as,,,, and his own personal Web site, He can speak the languages of English, French and Inuktitut. He likes to play the guitar and is taking lessons.

Bill and his class (
Bill and his class (

Bill Belsey is very nice and wants to stop bullying. I admire him because he is always helping people who are being bullied. Bill is nice, helpful, caring, loves his family, smart, Canadian, always happy, hardworking and friendly. I think a hard thing in his life would be people thinking he is wrong and not listening to what he has to say. I learned that bullying is very harmful to a lot of people. Bullying can be so bad it can cause suicide. STOP BULLYING!

Bill is always listening to what his mom would say: do your best, don’t cheat and be helpful. Bill was very happy when he made the high school football teem. He was also very happy when he got his driver's license and especially happy and proud when he got to be the official photographer for the Queen of England.

Bill (I made it)
Bill (I made it)

I think a hero is a person who helps others. Bill Belsey (William) is a hero because he is stopping bullying. Heroes think of things in a different perspective because they help other people instead of just thinking about money or being famous. Bill has a hero of his own, Jacki Robinson, because he was the first black person to play professional sports.

Andrew, Bill, Rashid at iEarn Sierra Leone

I am in Bill's class so I can just walk up and ask him questions. I also got info from his home website

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