Baba Deep Singh Ji

by Jasleen from Surrey

Everyone has a hero, not everyone's is the same. My hero and role model is Baba Deep Singh. He was a great Sikh and did a lot for Sikhism. He sacrificed his life for Sikhism. He cared tons for Sikhism then of his own life. Baba Deep Singh ji was a great warrior. Baba Deep Singh Ji is my number one role model. Baba Deep Singh ji, despite having his head cut off, fought to the fullest for Sikhism. Bhabha Deep Singh Ji sacrificed his to win the battle.

Baba Deep Singh Ji was born in 1682to a Sikh couple, Bhagata(father) and Jioni(mother). He lived in the village of Pohuwind in the district of Amritsar.In 1709, Baba Deep Singh joined Banda Bahadur during the assaults on the towns of Sadhaura and Sirhind. In 1733, Nawab Kapur Singh appointed him a leader of an armed squad(jatha). On the Vaisakhi of 1748, at the meeting of the Sarbat Khalsa in Amritsar, the 65 jathas of the Dal Khalsa were reorganized into twelve Misls. Baba Deep Singh was entrusted with the Leadership of the Shaheedan Misl.

Baba Deep Singh Ji was a brave, strong man. He was able to fight with his head detached from his body and in his hands. Moreover, he was able to fight with energy. Baba Deep SIngh Ji is a great role model for anyone who doesnt have one. I salute Baba Deep Singh Ji. According to the Sikh legend, Baba Deep Singh had vowed to avenge the desecration of the Golden Temple by the Afghan army. In 1757, he led an army to defend the Golden Temple. The Sikhs and the Afghans clashed, in the battle of Amritsar, at the village of Gohalwar on November 11, 1757, and in the ensuing conflict Baba Deep Singh was decapitated.

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