Bill Gates

by Paul & Ruben from Xalapa, Mexico

<a href=>Bill Gates in the early 80's</a>
Bill Gates in the early 80's

Our hero is Bill Gates, we chose him because he helps poor kids, also he is an important businessman. He invented one the most useful programs, the microsoft software.

He was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He has two sisters. Since he was a child he was interested in mathematics and sciences.

He lives with his wife Melinda French and his three children in Washington. He has a corporation with his wife "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation".

We think our hero is different from other people because he is smart, intelligent, and he never imagined that he will be such a success.

We thought that a person normally becomes a hero when he/she makes an extraordinary and worthy feat of praise.

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