Bobbie Benjamin

by Andrew from Philadelphia

Nurse Benjamin, McCall Elementary School (McCall elementary school)
Nurse Benjamin, McCall Elementary School (McCall elementary school)

This everyday hero helps lives and is a courageous woman. This everyday hero that help lives and is brave is the school nurse, Nurse Benjamin. Nurse Benjamin helps children, staff, and teachers in need of assistance. She is always there when you need her, and that's the great part about Nurse Benjamin. She is always in the nurse's room if you need help.

"From the time I was little I always wanted to help people in need". Nurse Benjamin always wanted to be a person who helps people when she was little. When she grew up and went to college, she then got her degree in nursing. Nurse Benjamin went to a couple of schools but did not like them, so she went to another school.

That's when she went to McCall Elementary School. Nurse Benjamin really likes this school so she decided to stay at the school. The hardest thing Nurse Benjamin had to go through is school and focusing on her topic of Nursing. She started this career when she was teenager in her early days.

"I'll retire when I end this career so I can have left over money after retirement." After Nurse Benjamin retires she will travel all over the world, exploring new things and doing more activities with her life. She says her boss treats her very well by giving her respect and trust.

Nurse Benjamin decides to travel when she retires and also do new activities in her life. She will have leftover money to do the activities she wants to do. She will still come visit the school so she can remember the time she was a nurse.

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