Billy Bishop

by Erik (5-2) from Calgary

"The Air Age faces mankind with a sharp choice - the choice between Winged Peace or Winged Death. It''s up to you."
Billy Bishop Web (I made it with Inspiration (I made it.))
Billy Bishop Web (I made it with Inspiration (I made it.))

I chose Billy Bishop because he was Canada's greatest flying ace of World War I. He was known as a fighter, participated in over 170 battles and earned many metals and awards. The German's nicknamed him "Hell's Handmaiden". Billy Bishop helped attract many young pilots to the air service and he helped the Allies win World War I.

I drew it. (I did.)
I drew it. (I did.)

Billy Bishop was born in Owen Sound, Ontario. As a young man he avoided team sports, preferring solitary pursuits such as swimming, horse riding, and shooting. Bishop was less successful at his studies; he would abandon any subject he could not easily master, and was often absent from class. When war broke out, he joined the infantry at first, showed a natural ability with a gun and excelled on the firing range with seemingly "super-human" eyesight.

A portrait of Billy Bishop (I drew it (I did))
A portrait of Billy Bishop (I drew it (I did))

Once in Europe, he became tired of the trenches and mud and soon joined the Royal Air Force. The average new pilot was only expected to survive 11 days, but he soon showed his skill in aerial combat. He flew many lone-wolf missions deep into enemy territory, scoring 5 kills and becoming an ace. In one battle, he shot down five aircraft within five minutes. He survived an encounter with the Red Baron and won the Distinguished Service Order for shooting down two aircraft while being attacked by four others. He earned the Victoria Cross for attacking and destroying several aircraft behind enemy lines. By the end of the war he had shot down 72 planes. He boosted morale for Canadians that were tired of war and helped the Americans build their own air force.

Billy Bishop was a great Canadian Hero. He was a regular guy that became a spectacular success. He helped the World become a better place by fighting for what was right. He boosted people's spirits in a difficult time. Canadians will remember his achievements for decades to come.

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