Barry Bryson

by Molly from Bristow

Barry Bryson is a great role model to everyone who knows him. Mr. Barry has been a preacher at the Manassas Church of Christ for many years. Preparing for a lesson on Sunday morning, visiting the sick, comforting others, making phone calls, and caring for the needy are some of the things done on a daily basis, yet through all of this he also finds time to be a model for the youth at the church. As a cancer survivor, he lives every day to his fullest. While just living not only shows other people what life is about it also gives him a stronger personality that so many teens look up to. In every way, his life reflects Christ.

When I was first old enough to participate in our church’s youth group activities he caught my attention because my initial thought was “ He is a preacher so why is he here with the youth group?” I soon realized that he knew how to live. He knew when to goof off and have fun and when to sit and be serious. Although he didn’t talk to me personally that often, listening to him talk to others showed me that he cared about us teenagers just as much as the struggling adults. Not once did he ever say “Just wait till you get older,” Mr. Barry always listened intently and understood. Besides listening, he did his best to make a difference by doing little things like announcing something on Sunday morning that someone in the youth group thought was important.

Although he has his job, family, and friends to occupy his time he still finds a way to influence others. If it were not for him I probably would not be as good of a person, friend, or daughter thinking that nobody truly cared, or knowing that most people heard but did not listen. Teenage years may not deal with health issues, deaths or even lack of friendship in a serious sense but I and other youth will know who will listen to us when needed. Using his talent of being a leader, Barry Bryson has taught me what is really important, which is caring for others. Mr. Barry is my hero because is an excellent role model to me and others who have had the privilege of meeting him.

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