Barbara Pierce Bush

by Kierstie L from Pennsylvania

"Believe in something larger than yourself... get involved in the big ideas of your time." -Barbara Bush!
Barbara Bush (
Barbara Bush (

In honor of Barbara Bush, I did research about this hero in “Biography Today.” I chose Barbara Bush because she looks nice and I skimmed through the book and she stood out the most! After the research, I was glad I did because I learned so much about her.

Who knew such a normal beginning would give the world such a hero? Barbara Bush was born in Rye, New York. On June 8 in the year 1925. Her parents are Marvin and Pauline (Robinson) Pierce.

The foundation of heroism is education. Barbara went to many different schools because she moved a couple times in her lifetime. Here are the names of the schools she went to. She attended a public school for six years. Then later she went to a private school named Rye Country Day School. After that she was sent away to a boarding school, Phillips Academy, and then went to Smith College. They are the schools she went to.

Her and her husbend! (
Her and her husbend! (

Barbara Bush is important to mankind and changed the world. She is married to George H. W. Bush, so she was a First Lady. Barbara is married to George and happily married at that! Not only that, she was one of the many First Ladies of America.

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