Literary Heroes

Ben Byron

by Ben from Pickerington

To me, a hero means some one who does the harder things not just to be recognized.
The cover
The cover

To me, a hero means someone who does the harder things not just to be recognized.

My literary hero is Ben Byron from the book "The Great Wide Sea" by M.H Herlong.

Similar to Captain Kirk
Similar to Captain Kirk

Ben Byron is my hero because even though he went through many situations that could have discouraged him to not try anymore he persevered. The very first thing he had to endure was the death of his mother. Forced to move out of his normal life and live on a boat with his very strict father, Ben ran away. He realized that that was not the best thing so he came back. Later he woke up to find his father disappeared and to be stranded on an deserted island and taking the responsibility of getting his brother medical attention. I like him because Ben tried his best, and even though he made mistakes he realized them.

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Has three brothers, Dylan, Gerry, and Jim


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