Beatriz de Cardenas

by Catalina from Medellin

My hero is my grandma, Beatriz de Cardenas. She is 66 years old and she lives in Medellin-El poblado. I picked her because she is a great hero. Her work is to make poor people happy with some friends she has.

She said, "It is so important to help poor people." The thing she most likes about her job is, "I like to see poor people happy." What she doesn't like is, "I don't like when some people make this job without any love." When my grandma is in the foundations she talks with some people about how to do this job, too. These poor people respect her a lot.

She gives food, clothes, games and things from the house to the foundations. These poor people become so happy when they get these things. "They feel very happy and thankful." This is like a hobby for my grandma. She goes every Monday to visit the foundations. She does this to help people, not to be considered a hero. My grandma said, "I feel very happy because I am helping people."

She helps more than 1 foundation. She helps 2. She meets some friends that do this job also and they make things to give them.

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