Ben Carson

by Bryan from San Diego

Not many people are worthy of the title "hero." I believe a hero is someone who has overcome great odds and has done everything in his or her power to save people or to change the world. My hero, Ben Carson, was born on September 18, 1951, in Detroit Michigan, and grew up in a very poor family. His grades were constantly below average, but decided that he wanted to change the world, and from then, tried harder than ever in his studies to be a neurosurgeon. What makes him so special is that he has fought and won many challenges in his life. He overcame many obstacles and has much to show for it. Carson was determined that everything is possible so long as you work hard at it and hope for the best, and that's why he is such an inspiring figure in today's world.

Dr. Ben Carson always wanted to change the world, even when he was young, but right from the start; his grades were not good enough. Because of that dream to improve his society, he started to believe in himself and to start working hard. He knew that he didn't want to be poor when he grew up. That meant giving up television time and going outside to play, but what really drove him was when he thought of a bright future lying in wait for him. He remembered when he said: "It was at that moment that I realized I wasn't stupid...." (Academy of Achievement). Ben Carson used to be the dumbest kid in his classroom. But after his mother found out what was happening to his plummeting grades, she made him read two books a week and to stop watching television. Because she forced her two boys Benjamin and Curtis Carson to work harder, she helped push both their grades up so that they were the top of the class. With his parents divorced, Ben Carson's life wasn't easy. Along with that, he didn't care about his grades and was quick to anger which led him to trouble. But after that, he overcame his troubled youth and got his dream job. As a kid, Carson hoped to please his mother and to show that he was capable of achieving something. Benjamin Carson was advised that he should work first before play, and because of that, he became more mature and started to see that his grades mattered if he wanted to get a good career later on. He knew it was his mother who drove him forward to excel. His mother, Sonya Carson, was always telling him that everything is possible so long as you try. Up to now, Dr. Carson still keeps that quote as a reminder. Because of that quote that he kept in mind, Ben Carson successfully operated on two twins who were otherwise known as "doomed," and in the process was honored for that. It was said that: "In 1987, Carson made medical history with an operation to separate a pair of Siamese twins. The Binder twins were born joined at the back of the head. Operations to separate twins joined in this way had always failed, resulting in the death of one or both of the infants. Carson agreed to undertake the operation" (Academy of Achievement). Carson demonstrated how everything is possible so long as you put your back into it. Besides that, he is a man of faith and was known to have said, "Do your best, and let God do the rest." The two twins that were joined at the back of the head was said to be the hardest surgery ever to be done, and other doctors were incapable of proceeding with this surgery. His hard work paid off, and also made medical history.

Dr. Ben Carson always thinks positive and believes that everything is possible, and that's why he is such an inspiring person. He tries his best to do what's possible before letting the "case" drop. He is widely known for yet another successful operation. One article explained that: " Carson's other surgical innovations have included the first intra-uterine procedure to relieve pressure on the brain of a hydrocephalic fetal twin, and another surgery in which an infant suffering from uncontrollable seizures has half of its brain removed" (Academy of Achievement). Along with some of Carson's achievements, he operated on other cases that need a lot of experience and knowledge. Before he starts a surgery procedure, Ben Carson would pray to God to guide his hands. Because of his hard work for the community and his job, Ben Carson has been welcomed to come and give talks to colleges and even at the white house. Ever since he became a neurosurgeon, he has saved a couple of thousands of lives, especially since he works on about 500 more patients than an average surgeon does.

Ben Carson is one of the few heroes who are an inspiration to children and adults alike through his autobiographies and speeches. One of his favorite quotes was: "Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next" (Carson). Some of these obstacles that he mentions are when he had to go through a twenty-two hour surgery to save two lives. Dr. Carson's successes are based on morals, determination, and believing in himself. Ben Carson wrote an autobiography on himself and sold it throughout the world so that his words will inspire others to follow his footsteps. Carson is also recognized for his quotes that inspire others to take the right steps. One of his quotes states: "If we recognize our talents and use them appropriately, and choose a field that uses those talents, we will rise to the top of our field" (Carson). That talent is his gifted hands for surgery. He uses his knowledge and hands to save lives. It was once said that " a kid, his knife was a weapon-now he uses it to save lives. "Throughout his years in the medical field, Dr. Ben Carson has inspired many people and have given them hope and courage to continue on with life. That is why he is my hero. He believes that failure is not an option, and encourages young people to set and meet their goals, and to lastly, believe in themselves.

Throughout his career, Dr. Carson has used his reminder to have hope and to believe that it is possible so long as you try, and his way of thinking has saved so many lives, and because of this, he has inspired many others in the world to think back on their beliefs. Starting from a low- grade student to become one of the best neurosurgeons is a great achievement. He shows us how hard work and effort always pays off later on in the future. Benjamin Carson inspires me and others because he has such a strong personality. He never gives up and always trusts in God. Ben Carson's successes and achievements have really inspired me to try harder in life and to push on no matter what comes my way. He is called the man with gifted hands for his surgical skill, his example of overcoming poverty to become a leading scholar and scientist has inspired millions over the world. I am proud that he is my hero and is one of the most respected and successful neurosurgeons in the world today.

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