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"You don't have to be a brain surgeon to be a valuable person. You become valuable because of the knowledge that you have. And that doesn't mean you won't fail sometimes. The important thing is to keep trying" (Ben Carson). Benjamin Carson has never quit working hard and has been determined to achieve his goals,  if it takes many tries to get it right. Benjamin Carson was born in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in a poor family with his mother, Sonya Carson, and brother, Curtis Carson.  His mother, who left school in 3rd grade, believed that her sons could get a better education than her so she fought hard to make sure they did. When Ben caught up with his class, he ended up graduating with honors. Benjamin headed off to college to practice medicine, he then became a world famous pediatric neurosurgeon. Dr. Carson is now running in the presidential election for 2016. Dr. Carson was the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins hospital in 1985. On May 4, 2015, he made the announcement that he will be running for president in 2016. Dr. Carson is a hero because he has always demonstrated the traits of being hardworking, persistent, and determined, he has never given up on anything that is worth fighting for.

When you want to obtain something you must work hard and that is what Dr. Carson has done. Doctor Carson never gave up because something was out of his reach, or because it took too much energy, he never quit working hard. Ben Carson came from nothing to working hard to obtain something important. "Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 18, 1951.Carson went from being a poor student to receiving honors when he graduated and he eventually attended medical school. As a doctor, he became the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at age 33, and became famous for his ground-breaking work separating conjoined twins "(Bio. A&E Television Networks). Work was a big part of what Doctor Carson's worried about. He also has a family of his own, he is happily married to Candy Carson and has three sons. Work for Carson was calming, though he came through challenging case he didn't give up. Carson worked hard on many cases, including transforming the life a little girl by surgically repairing the part of the brain that caused the girl to have about 100 seizures, when he was done with the risky procedure she was seizure free.. He was to hard working that he never gave up on that little girl. When Carson was younger he didn't have anything but he worked so hard  to become as smart and educated as all others. Being hard working isn't something that everyone has but it is an act that takes work to master. "As a youngster, he was branded a failure; as a teenager, he seemed destined to fall victim to the violence of his inner-city neighborhood. Thanks in large part to his mother, his own determination, and his strong religious faith, however, he avoided becoming  another statistic and is now an acknowledged expert in pediatric neurosurgery at one of the most prestigious medical facilities in the world" (Contemporary Heroes and Heroines). Once his mother told him that he could do whatever he wanted but he had to try harder and he did so. Carson wouldn't give up on becoming someone that could help others  if he had to try twice as hard.  By working hard all of the time you can obtain anything you want. Being hard working always pays off. Ben Carson did this because he came from having nothing but his family, to now having everything he needs to support his family and all surroundings.

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Persistence is a characteristic trait that is not given. Being persistent will always pay off. Ben Carson didn't give up on his work, he will always strive for more, to become outstanding. When Ben was younger he worked hard to get work done and became a son that his mother could be proud of. "In recent years, Carson has focused more on politics than practicing medicine. He has been known as an outspoken conservative Republican. In 2012, he published America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great "( Bio. A&E Television Networks). Carson has always been persistent with his work. He has achieved many amazing things throughout his life. He has gone from having to work hard to get into Yale medical school to becoming the chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he has also written many books about his journey through life. Persistence is something you should obtain and carry throughout your life, Ben Carson has done so throughout his entire career."Today, Dr. Benjamin Carson is a renowned neurosurgeon at a renowned institution, Johns Hopkins University. But what got him there was wholly different from what is being offered to many ghetto youths today, much of which is not merely futile but counterproductive"(Sowell, Thomas. "'Gifted Hands'). Benjamin Carson did many important things in his life, there were many dates where you could see all of his work. This shows how persistent he was with his work. Giving up was not in his cards, he would work three times as hard if it meant he was going to find the answer. He was persistent and kept his work going, he didn't do one special thing but he did many...Once you have started being persistent you should never give up and that is what my hero Ben Carson did.

Dr.Carson talking about the conjoined twins ( ())
Dr.Carson talking about the conjoined twins ( ())

When first starting something if you really like it you should be determined to do it. To be determined means to do something and to want to do it. Ben Carson had always been determined to achieve something meaningful, when his mother didn't have anything but a third grader's education, he was determined to go far in life and he graduated with honors. "After Ben graduated with honors from high school, he knew he wanted to pursue a medical career.  But because his mother was not financially well off, Carson had to work through most of his time in college. But Carson was determined to achieve his goals. He knocked on doors looking for summer work and usually, through persistence, was able to obtain one. From this work, and a scholarship, he attended Yale University and earned a B.A. degree in psychology "(Bio. A&E Television Network).  Though Benjamin Carson had a hard time as a child he came through to be a famous neurosurgeon. Carson's family was poor and not educated, until the mother decided that she was going to make them work as hard. His mother, Sonya, added many restriction, she only allowed the to watch television once a week and they were forced to read two library books per week. With his mother's help Benjamin was determined to do whatever he wanted to do if it meant that he had to work twice as hard as the others. Determination is a great characteristic to have and Ben Carson had this and showed it all throughout his life. "In April, 1987, a West German doctor traveled to Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital to consult with pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson on an especially difficult case. Already highly respected for his ability to save the lives of sick children whose conditions others had judged hopeless, Carson now faced the prospect of separating congenitally united (Siamese) twins, joined together at the back of the head, and  complicated and risky operation that had always left one or both patients dead or severely brain damaged" (Contemporary Heroes and Heroines). Benjamin Carson was always determined to do the right thing. He was always determined in his work if he had to try harder than others. Carson didn't care if it took an exaggerated amount of his time, he was determined to fix the problem. In this case it was conjoined twins by the head and Dr. Carson went above and beyond to find a way to separate them without injuring their brain. Ben Carson always had a lot of work to come back from but he was always determined. He was determined to make his mother proud, he did so when he graduated with honor in high school and became a world famous neurosurgeon. It takes a lot of hard work to do so but Benjamin has always been persistent.

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Dr. Carson is my hero because he has always demonstrated the traits of being hardworking, persistent, and determined. He has never given up on anything that is worth fighting for and if he fails he would start all over until he gets the right outcome. Benjamin Carson will always be known for saving the lives of the Siamese twins and separating them with no damage as helping the girl who was having 100 seizures per day to none. Ben Carson is my hero because he has done many great things in his life... He relates to who I want to be since my dream is to become a neurosurgeon. The surgeries that he has done have impacted modern neurosurgery in many ways. Not only has Benjamin Carson changed modern neurosurgery but by running for the presidency he will be trying to find different ways to change the United States of America for the better.

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