Braiden Cronck

by Emerson from Loveland

From his mom who emailed them to me (Mrs.Cronk)
From his mom who emailed them to me (Mrs.Cronk)

Imagine a world full of everyone's favorite type of hero. What would it be like? There would be a lot of people's own certain heroes. The hero that I would chose is Braydon Dale Cronk because he is a hero when going through cancer. Even though people are always scared when they know they have cancer, Braydon was scared but now knows that it's okay and God is with him.

One characteristic is that he is Brave. Because he isn't that scared when going through the chemo. Even though he might be actually scared a little, he just gets over it. He is one of the most bravest people I know because he is going through cancer and it takes a lot of bravery. He is the only one I know besides my grandpa that has gone through cancer. But really they know the true pain in cancer. Also he knows that he will get through it but it will be a long process. It's going to take awhile but he knows he will get through it. Another way he's brave is that by just sitting there or laying down and just getting through it, he also has bravery for fighting the cancer. He is very brave because it takes a lot of courage to fight and get through cancer. Certainly he will get through it with God's help.

Another characteristic that describes him is Endurance. Also he will know he can get through it with strength. For God can help him get through the cancer so he doesn't have to be afraid. You only get the strength from God. Also he works hard to get through it so he knows that it might get better soon. He knows it will take long but he is patient and he can wait. He can be patient by believing that God will always be by his side and help him be patient to get through it. He will get scared at times though because going through chemo is scary and I don't know how it feels. He would get through chemo better than me. I would probably freak out or get scared. But if I know that God is on my side, I won't be that scared anymore. Though people think he's scared, he is very brave in my perspective.

My second picture of Braydon my hero (From his mom who emailed them to me (Mrs.Cronk))
My second picture of Braydon my hero (From his mom who emailed them to me (Mrs.Cronk))

When I describe him, the last characteristic that he is, is Courage. When he gets nervous he gets over it. When he is about to get something done to him he will get scared but get over it in an amount of time. It also doesn't take that long to get a shot done in him but he probably gets a lot. Though he will always know that God is on his side so he won't be scared. .Also, he is just courageous in general. And knows that he can get through anything with God's strength. You can do all things through God who gives you strength. You have to know that Braydon is a very brave person and he believes in Christ and will get through it with him.

To conclude my hero project, Braiden is all of these characteristics because of going through cancer. He's brave, courageous, and has endurance.

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