Brice Cunningham

by Bailey from Pickerington

To me a hero is much more than a person in a cape. A hero is much more than someone who can fly and "bust the bad guys." To me a hero is not only one who takes the time to care, but takes a moment to take action. A hero is someone who everyone looks up to and aspires to be like one day. A hero is the one who can bring out the hero in others.

I do not think that it is most important to have a hero, but I would say that it is most important to see a hero in action or understand a hero's motives. Even if you don't have a hero, to someone else you might be a hero. And to be a hero, you must know the works of a hero.

My big brother Brice
My big brother Brice

My brother is my hero in life. He is the one who wears a cape, shoots lasers at the the bad guys, and has a catch phrase. He is my hero because he is a strong leader, even though everyone seems to think he should be left behind. You see, my brother is deaf. Everyone thinks just because he cannot hear that he has some kind of mental illness. NOT TRUE!!! My brother happens to be one of the smartest in his class. He has helped me through tough times in life when I felt like no one was there. I love my brother.


I feel as if my brother should be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of his attitude. His drive to move on is incredible to me. Even with his loss of hearing he has gained many more traits and abilities.

1. My brother's hero is our father because, even though he may not always be there when we need him, he still makes an effort to show he cares.

2. My brother doesn't see himself as a hero, but as a role model.

3. My brother's definition of a hero is someone who takes the time to care.

4. My brother would be Batman if he could (that's who he looked up to as a child.)

5. My brother thinks everyone needs saving, sometimes from themselves.

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Welcome to my Hero website! I'm Bailey Cunningham. I am the younger sibling of my hero, Brice Cunningham, who is 17 years old. I have had a troublesome life and hard decisions to make, but most of them were based on the thoughts and opinions of my brother.