Bryan Dixon

by Luis from Amiens

At first an hero must be courageous, strong, willed and fearless. We have two categories of a hero: fictional heroes who have superpower, and a real hero who is a human hero, for example fireman, soldiers, lifeguards, doctors. He is valorous. A hero needs to be strong, triumphant and sporty. He has to risk his life to save many people. Bryan Dixon corresponds to the description because he risks his life every day to save people.

He was born on January 23rd of 1982. he is 35 years old. Bryan lives in New York City. He has been an American fireman since 2000. On September 11th of 2001, in the "World Trade Center", a first plane crashed in the North Tower. He had 19 years old at instant of this attack. He was part of the first battalion of fireman who have intervened. With his friends he saved many lives. On this day, 343 firemen of New York City Fire Department were dead and 2977 victims and 19 pirates of the air. Then the second plane crashed into the South Tower.

In my opinion, Bryan Dixon is a hero because he saved many lives in his life and he is very courageous. From me, thank you to him and other firemen, soldiers, doctor, lifeguards who are heroes every day.

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