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Benjamin Franklin

by Tyler from Mountain House

Benjamin Franklin (
Benjamin Franklin (

Benjamin Franklin was an inventor; and had a part in the Declaration of Independence. He was a hard working, intelligent, responsible, caring man and also an achiever. He played many important roles in history. Ben had been the first to experience electricity. Benjamin Franklin was a very nice man.

My hero (Benjamin Franklin) was an inventor. In 1743, Ben invented a heat-efficient stove and he named it "The Franklin Stove". He also made swim fins that are used to help with swimming. He later built bifocals which are a type of glasses which has two different sights to them. Benjamin made many inventions and is a very intelligent man.

When Benjamin was 15, he and his brother created the first newspaper in Boston. It was called "The New England Courant." But Ben was only a lowly apprentice and he wanted to write in the paper also. So Ben created a fictional person and secretly wrote letters and slipped them under the print shop's door. Ben's secret papers was a hit and was said "great".

As an inventor Benjamin Franklin tried to solve the solution since fires had been dangerous back then. So Benjamin got together with Philadelphia's fire company and solved it. Benjamin had a saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin's contribution is still running in business. Books back then were very expensive and many people could not afford them. Members could afford the books and some couldn't.

Benjamin Franklin had his ups and downs. He was always willing to help with a lot of subjects. Ben was a loved man and did a lot of things that affected his history. Benjamin had sadly died on April 17, 1790 and the day of his funeral 20,000 people attended and that shows how much he was loved.

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