Benjamin Franklin

by Amrita

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, and he died on April 17, 1790. He is my hero for many reasons. Benjamin went to school for only two years, but then educated himself for many years by reading a lot of books, newspapers, and magazines. When he was about ten years old, Ben was put to work in his family's business making soap and candles. Benjamin dreamed of becoming a crew member of a ship at sea, but one of his older brothers died at sea, so his father wouldn't let him. Ben's father was too afraid because he didn't want to lose another son. Soon he became his other brother's apprentice at a print shop. Ben then opened his own print shop. Three reasons Benjamin Franklin is my hero because he dedicated his life for the benefit of others, he is a creative thinker, and he is a Founding Father.

Benjamin Franklin dedicated his life for the benefit of others in many ways. He made a commitment for improving the lives of his fellow Americans by creating inventions to make the world better. He founded many places such as academies, hospitals and libraries. If he didn't establish these places we might not have them today. He also did a lot of community service by making sure everyone was safe and he loved to garden and plant trees. There are multiple other reasons Ben Franklin dedicated his life for the benefit of others such as he created the Franklin Stove which is similar to a fireplace. This is used to keep the room warm. In conclusion the first reason Ben Franklin is my hero is he is a role model due to his hard work.

The second reason why Benjamin Franklin is my hero is because he was a creative thinker. He once said, "To create, we must first identify the problem, then offer the best solution possible." He always thought out of the box. He invented many creative and interesting things. He created such things as the Franklin stove, the lightning rod, the glass harmonica, bifocals, electricity, and many more things. The glass harmonica was a musical instrument which was played by people's fingers by rubbing the glass bowls. Bifocals are glasses with two different optical powers. You could see near and far all in one pair of glasses. He also did an experiment where he flew a key and a kite in a thunderstorm proving lightning is static electricity. As you can see Benjamin Franklin was a very ingenious man.

My last characteristic for Benjamin Franklin is that he was a Founding Father. A Founding Father is someone who initiates something. Did you know Benjamin Franklin is the only Founding Father to have signed all four of the key documents? The documents that he signed were The Declaration of Independence, Treaty of Alliance with France, Treaty of Paris, and the U.S. Constitution. He founded the Pennsylvania Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, the Boston Latin School, and The Library Company of Philadelphia. There are many other places Benjamin Franklin founded.

Benjamin Franklin was a huge part of history. He was a remarkable man. Benjamin had many achievements and he took pride in all of them. The three characteristics why Ben Franklin is my hero are he was a Founding Father, he created many interesting things, and he dedicated his life for the benefit of others. He impacted the world and the society because of his great acts. If it wasn't for him the world would be different. Benjamin Franklin is truly my hero.

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