Benjamin Franklin

by Ayden from Williamsville

Benjamin Franklin was a very important person in the United States history. I would put him in the category of community for many reasons. He made his inventions to help life be better, and he helped make the Constitution to help the community to be safe. Also, he puts others before himself. And those are some of the qualities some heros have.

Benjamin Franklin had a great childhood. Ben was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. Ben was the youngest of his two sisters not including his mom and dad. Ben used all the money he ever got doing chores. His dad wanted him to become a minister when he grew up so he sent him to a school for ministers. He was doing so good that his dad pulled him out of school. His dad realized that ministers don't get a lot of money. So his dad sent him to a writing and arithmetic school. Also, he learned to swim at a very young age. He also worked as a printer for his dad when he was a little older. As you can see, Ben Franklin had a great childhood.

Ben Franklin had made many accomplishments for helping the community. He was a political leader to the people of the U.S. He made a lot of accomplishments, such as, he formed the Junto, he helped introduce paper currency to the colonists. He also founded the first library in America, he also founded the fire fighting company. He served in the Pennsylvania assembly and more. Ben had many accomplishments for helping the community. Ben did many things for the community. He did science and inventing to help build things for the community. He invented electricity that we use every day. Also, he invented the stove that we use to cook things. He then invented the copying machine to copy paper. He invented the lightning rod that we also still use. As you can see, Ben Franklin has done many things for the community.

Benjamin Franklin had many challenges and obstacles in his life. There was a big problem when the British started to tax the colonists on many things. One of the biggest problems was when the Revolutionary War started. A really big problem was after Ben signed the Declaration of Independence and the British were winning. If they found the people who signed he knew they would kill them. He also had to help create the Constitution. After the United States won the war Ben had to help run the entire new country. Those were some of Benjamin Franklin's challenges and problems that he faced.

Ben got many awards and honors before and after his life. He was rewarded with honorary degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and other university's. He won the Copley Medal for his work with electricity. It is the London societies most highest honor. The colonists thought that Ben Franklin was a great hero so they put his face on the 100 dollar bill. Also, they made him his own memorial statue called the Benjamin Franklin memorial statue. They made his memorial and buried him at Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Those are some of the awards and honors that Ben Franklin got alive and dead.

Benjamin Franklin had many character traits that helped him become successful. One of those qualities was being creative. When Ben was conducting his inventions he used his brain to think out of the box. He was very creative to figure out what parts are needed and being creative to think of the idea. Second he has the character trait of being patient. When he was working with electricity and working on the light bulb, he must have messed up a bunch of times. But, he was patient and waited until he got it right. Lastly, he had the character trait of determination. When his inventions failed he kept on trying until he got it right. He was very determined to make his inventions work. As you can see, Ben Franklin had many character traits that helped him become successful.

As you can see, Benjamin Franklin was a very important man in history. He has inspired me by putting others before him. Also he took many risks to take care of the colonists. He shared his inventions with the world instead of keeping it for himself. Lastly he learned how to be responsible for his actions. That is why I chose Benjamin Franklin

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