Benjamin Franklin

by Michael from Williamsville

Benjamin Franklin was a hero during colonial times. He invented many things that we use today. Benjamin Franklin inspired me to be creative. Ben Franklin was a scientist, inventor, cartoonist and much more. He was a father as well. I would put him in the community category.

Ben Franklin had a rough but interesting childhood because he had to deal with bad men. Ben was born on January 17, 1706. Benjamin Franklin learned to read at age 3. At age 8 Ben studied Latin and Greek and learned to write, read and speak the two languages. Ben is why we say "Grace" at supper, he told his dad it would be much shorter if we say "Grace" instead of saying a long prayer. Ben was hard working. He worked 12-14 hours 6 days a week turning wax into candles for his father. Ben helped his brother James run his newspaper company called the New-England Courant. James didn't like one of Ben's ideas for an article. They argued for months. Ben decided to run away from his family and make his own paper. As you can see, Ben had a rough childhood.

Ben did many things. Ben discovered lightning was made of electricity. He also invented many things that are commonly used now. For example he invented the first working lightbulb. Thomas Edison made the lightbulb last for a long time. Ben also was a cartoonist for the newspapers. Because, of his amazing writing and sketching he was hired to print currency. After he retired doing this his face was on the 100 dollar bill. Ben had many jobs and many occupations. He was an inventor. He invented many things. I bet you have something he invented in your house right now. He printed currency for the colonies. He wrote articles for newspapers. He sketched events for the newspapers as well. He also said things that changed the way we do things. As you can see, Ben did a lot of things in his lifetime.

Ben Franklin had to deal with Englishmen that were against his good ideas.Ben fought against taxes and England being in charge. Ben helped make the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Ben had to deal with a man named Cotton Mather. Cotton Mather was a problem when Ben worked for James. Back then smallpox broke out in the colonies. Cotton Mather said he made shots. James was against the shots. He told Ben to write against them. Cotton Mather was furious. Ben didn't want to get in trouble so he made a fake name. The name was Silence Dogood. James didn't use a fake name so he went to jail for a few months. When he was gone Ben ran the business. As you can see, Ben had to deal with a few bad men.

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Benjamin is now recognized for many things. Benjamin signed and made the Declaration of Independence. In return he got his name on the treaty. Ben wrote and revised the treaty with Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman. Ben used to print money as a job. Because of his hard work he got his face on the one hundred dollar bill. Ben made a stove and he called it the Franklin Stove. You probably have one in your kitchen. Ben also helped with the Constitution. Ben did many things and is recognized for them today.

Ben has many traits that are obvious to see because of what he did. Firstly, he was extremely intelligent. Ben proved that lightning was made of electricity. He also learned to do many things at a young age. Secondly, Ben was brave. Benjamin stood up to powerful people like British soldiers, British generals, and the King.Ben also made a fake name so he wouldn't get caught by Cotton Mather. Finally, Ben was creative. Ben thought of a lot of inventions. He invented the Franklin Stove, the lightbulb, the first fire department, bifocals, the glass harmonica and more. He wrote stories about what's going on in the city. He also sketched real life events. Ben was a very interesting person.

Ben died on April 17 1790. He did many things for this country. He was a scientist, artist, writer, fireman, salesman, and an inventor. He inspired me to do what I want to do. He taught me that nothing's holding me back from what I want to do. Benjamin Franklin is my hero.

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