Bill Gates

by Wilson from San Diego

He was a troublemaker and a drop out in college. His parents had to change schools

because of his troublesome behavior. No one had faith this man and thought his dreams were

impossible to achieve. But he didn't listen to everyone and he followed his dreams; he became

one of the richest people in this current century. It started out when he was a boy born in October

25, 1955 in Seattle. He joined Lakeside private school for 5th grade through 12th grade; where he

then graduated and went to Harvard. He married Melinda French on January 1, 1997 and had

three children. They both created a foundation known as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

to help people afford college, AIDs research, and places in destitution. Gates thought that his

foundation wouldn't be that big but then in 2007 he found out that his foundation was the second

most generous foundation which funded $22 million to charitable organizations. He strives to

help the less fortunate to help people and hope they can have an equal chance in life. He showed

how he is a deserving hero by showing selflessness, leading by example, and devotion.

Selflessness is a trait he had that made him a hero. He donated parts of his fortune to help

people in need. He had a grant program which was being managed by the United Negro Fund,

help people get scholarships for financially needy students each year. He also gave away $400

million for global help and $200 million to get libraries on the Internet for people who live in a

poor community. He helped many nations worldwide by improving their access to medical help

and needs (Bill Gates. Bill). He is very selfless because he is willing to give up money to help

other people to make their lives much easier and better. He did a good deed and helped his

country become educated which helped the legal process, increased the knowledge of the

country, and build a better democracy. Gates traveled to the United Arab Emirates to meet with

the ministers to seal a partnership to seal $17 million to fund polio vaccinations. Then he went

to Britain to meet with the prime minister known as David Cameron and said that Britain would

donate $62 million (Sternberg). Gates spends most of his energy helping people and traveling

around the world because of this cause. With his time being consumed he proves that his selfless

acts can be looked upon as good to everyone. He had impacted so many of peoples' lives with

his wealth.

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He is also has a good trait which is devotion. He devoted most of his time in helping

people. He shows traits of a hero which is being devoted and knowing what's right and good. He

was really devoted in his company, Microsoft, with his hard work and devotion he created one of

the most influential companies of his time. With his devotion he could make a wealthy

company. Since of his company which made him wealthy, he could now be a philanthropist and

donate loads of money to people in need. It was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It now

donates around $1 billion dollars each year to help libraries, public health, and schools ("Bill

Gates." Bill). "In 2008 he gave up a day-to-day role in Microsoft to spend more time on

philanthropic work...."("Bill Gates." Hutchinson's).

Bill Gates deserves to be known as hero because he can lead by example. He showed

everyone that even wealthy people can contribute to help the lower classes and affect them

tremendously. "People have only begun to see the impact of his wealth on education, medicine,

poverty, and social causes, a legacy that may overshadow his technological contributions,' said

Paul Andrews, the author of a biography on Gates." ("Bill Gates." Bill). He showed people that

he can change the world in a positive way instead of being selfish with his money. Other wealthy

people can learn from this by helping others instead of just using all of their money on

themselves. "If Gates provides the final push for polio eradication -- joining March of Dimes cofounder

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and vaccine pioneers Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin -- he may

be remembered as much for providing the 'knockout blow' to polio as for founding Microsoft,

Oshinsky says. 'Bill Gates is finishing the work that FDR started,' he says." (Sternberg). He

proves that even though you might not be a doctor but you can help stop diseases from

happening by contributing money into people's research.

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Bill Gates shows qualities of devotion, selflessness, and the ability to lead by example.

He is a deserving hero because he did many positive actions that impacted people for the better

of their lives. His philanthropic lifestyle helped many and will continue helping others. He

devotes lots of his time into making a better tomorrow for people who have a bad today. His

selflessness helped lots and who would expect that from a troublemaker. He is a hero because of

these traits and no one in his childhood who has expected him to be the hero that he is today.

Through his selflessness, devotion, and the ability to lead by example he is now seen by many as

a hero.


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