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Bill Gates

by Julia from San Diego


Some people think of Bill Gates as a brilliant businessman, a computer genius, or maybe even a nerd, but everyone knows him as an innovator in the computer world. His creation of Microsoft forever changed the idea of the computer. It all started when Gates daringly dropped out of Harvard to work toward his dream of creating a new, better, and faster operating system for computers. This was revolutionary and helped expand the use of computers in to new territory - the average American home. Gates and business partner, Paul Allen, created this new operating system and started their own company which they called Microsoft. Some question Gates' business tactics and how he became one of the wealthiest people in the world; however there is no denying that Gates has become one of the most giving people in history. It is not just his creation of Microsoft, but rather his philanthropic qualities and his will to help others that define Gates as a modern day hero. Not only does he have extreme talent, but also Gates always works hard and has always been determined to reach his goals. He is generous and loves to help others that are not as fortunate. Gates has redefined himself as a philanthropist and through the years has donated millions to various organizations around the world. Through these actions, Bill Gates is distinguished as a hero.


Aside from his hard work, determination, and generosity, selflessness is the other huge factor that defines Gates as a hero. Through his actions, it is obvious that Gates thinks of helping others than himself. "He and wife Melinda established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which focuses on helping to improve health care and education for children around the world." (Encyclopedia of World biography). Gates selflessness shows here in the fact that he chose to spend his time and effort creating a foundation to help others instead of himself. It is interesting that someone who spent so many years building his fortune, is now spending his working hours giving it much of it away.  "Aside from being the most famous businessman of the late 1990s, Gates also began to distinguish himself as a philanthropist." (Scientists: Their Lives and Works). Gates selflessness showed when he decided to put his efforts into these philanthropic endeavors. He loves to help people, and with his money, he is able to do this. In fact, "Gates pledged $3 million in aid for the victims of a tsunami that hit two continents on December 26, 2004" (Newsmakers). Gates thinks of helping others before and instead of himself.  When he saw that people no longer had homes and were in need of the simple things in life, Gates recognized this and donated millions of dollars to help them. His generous donations to causes like this, is what shows Gates' true heroism.

Bill Gates is a big name in the technology world for his creation of Microsoft and many other successes. Many might consider him a hero because of these things, however Gates has proved to do much more in order to earn his spot as a well-known hero. Gates is an inspiration to many because of his hard work, intellect, and determination. He was never one to give up, and it showed in his innovations in technology. Being the richest man in the world, Gates could do anything with his money. He has decided to change the world instead by being generous with his money, and giving his time and energy to help mankind. He and his wife created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help kids in need around the world, and also donated billions of dollars to numerous organizations. Gates selflessness and will to help others also shows in all of his donations over the years. Because of his hard work to get to where he is today, his generosity, and selflessness towards helping others, Bill Gates can be named a hero to people around the world. 

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Gates may be one of the richest men alive today, however it wasn't always like that for him. Gates grew up in a middle class family and it was his passion, hard work, and determination to achieve his goals that have led him to success. His creation of Microsoft involved total dedication nearly 100% of the time. "In the six years between 1978 and 1984, he took a total of only two weeks vacation" (Encyclopedia of World Biography). This really shows Gates' dedication to his work. He showed up almost every day for six years, always hardworking, in order to achieve his goal of creating Microsoft. His hard work from all those years finally paid off. "Gates' competitive drive and fierce desire to win made him a powerful force in business but consumed much of his personal life" (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Not only did he come everyday ready to work, but Gates also had this competitiveness and "fierce desire to win" that made all his hard work worth it. In the future, this drive to win combined with his hard work is what made Gates so successful. 


 Today, Gates is known as a generous man who donates his money to help people all over the world.  After Gates founded the Microsoft Software Corporation, leaving him one of the richest men in the world, he decided not to be selfish with his money and to use it to help others in need. "By 2001, Gates and his wife had endowed more than 21 billion for philanthropic causes" (Business Leader Profiles for Students). Gates is truly generous with his money and donates to people who need it more than him. Because of his generosity, Gates spends millions each year trying to help organizations around the world. "Pledges have included $1 billion over 20 years to fund college scholarships for about 1,000 minority students, $750 million over 5 years to help launch the Global Fund for Children's Vaccines, $50 million to help the World Health Organization's efforts to eradicate polio, and $3 million to help prevent the spread of AIDS among young people in South Africa" (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Gates has taken action in helping not only these organizations but many others too. He and Melinda decided to look outside of their community and around the world where people are in true need of money and help. It shows his generosity in how much time and money he has donated to these organizations. He just as easily could have kept it to himself and secured his position as richest man alive, however millions have came out of Gates' pocket to help each of these organizations around the world. This generosity is a sign of true heroism.

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