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Bill Gates

by Arian from San Diego

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There is a very diverse criteria as to what traits a hero may possess or as to who qualifies as a hero. I believe many people can qualify as a hero for different reasons, but I believe Bill Gates is one of the best examples of a hero. Bill Gates was the cofounder and CEO of Microsoft and has been the richest man alive for multiple years. To me, a hero must possess the qualities of selflessness and self-drive/motivation. Bill Gates encompasses both selfless and self-motivating behaviors, therefore is a hero. () ()

Bill Gates proves his potential hero-like qualities by displaying his selfless trait through donations to charities and funds for research. According to Gale Biography in context, "Gates and his wife Melinda, a former Microsoft employee, have two children, Jennifer and Rory. By 2001, Gates and his wife Melinda had endowed more than $21 billion for philanthropic causes. Of this amount, more than $2 billion has gone to global health initiatives, $500 million to improving learning opportunities, $200 million to community projects in the Pacific Northwest, and $29 million to special projects and annual giving campaigns" ("William Henry Gates, III." Gale Biography in Context). Bill Gates gives back to the community in a variety of ways. Demonstrating the heroic trait of selflessness, Gates gives back to the less fortunate willingly. Gates does not only help provide funds for more "mission-like" charities, but he also donates into research for cures. In July, Gates announced that his foundation would donate $287 million to 16 groups of scientists to fund research into a vaccine against HIV. And in September of 2006, the Foundation donated $150 million to improve agriculture in Africa. The foundation plans to partner with the Rockefeller Foundation to create the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, which will work to "dramatically increase" ("Bill Gates." Contemporary Heroes and Heroines). Bill Gates decides to donate to research facilities in order to support an end to certain diseases, credited towards his curiosity in more "uncharted" areas. This also displays Bill Gates selflessness and gives more credit to his heroic traits. As Bill Gates continues to fund a variety of research and charities, he is proven to have selfless behaviors in which most heroes possess. () ()

I also believe that a hero possesses a self-motivating trait. Gates built Microsoft "from the ground up, beginning in 1975, when he and co-founder Paul Allen offered to write software for M.I.T.S.' Altair 8800, a do-it-yourself computer for hobbyists" ("William Henry Gates, III"). Bill Gates did not have much support or help starting Microsoft, yet still pushed himself to reach his goal. Despite having close to no support, Bill Gates was self-driven to make his nearly impossible dream come to life. In the technology boom, "Bill Gates was the wealthiest entrepreneur in the world. As co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, he developed software and operating systems for personal computers, a key factor in the explosive growth they have experienced since the 1980s" ("Bill Gates." Contemporary). Not only did Bill Gates self-motivate himself to follow his passion, he evolved his passion into his lifestyle. He created a thriving multi-million dollar company nearly single-handedly. Due to his self-motivation and success that came along with it, Bill Gates holds the title of being a hero. () ()

In being both selfless and self-motivating and displaying both through his success, Bill Gates has shown he is a hero. His constant selfless actions towards charities and his single-handed success helps prove how heroic he is. Bill Gates inspires me to do achieve goals such as giving towards others and believing and motivating myself even when no one else will.

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