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Bill Gates

by Michael from San Diego

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Today there are nearly a billion people living in poverty and hunger. Food prices are getting higher every year, making it harder for  small communities to come out of poverty.  Some people would rather keep their money than help the poor people. But not Bill Gates. He established his own philanthropic foundation where  "... he will devote most of his time to directing the activities of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation"(Bill Gates." American). Bill is a hero because he is inspiring to people everywhere and donates to help poor communities.

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The world today is not perfect, so Bill Gates wanted to help change the world for the better. He thought what better way to help the world than to help people who live in poverty and have a constant struggle to survive due to limited resources. "In December of 2005, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it would disburse $84.3 million in grants to Save the Children and the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, for programs that fight infant mortality in developing countries"("Bill Gates." American). He donated $84.3 million dollars so that way community in poverty will have a better future. Their children could have a better education causing them to start gradually coming out of poverty. Despite Bill Gates is efforts to help the world it not enough. Today, there are nearly a billion hungry people in the world. In 2008, food prices jumped to record levels, causing riots, hunger, instability, and a plunge back into poverty for millions. Early this year, food prices spiked again, even higher than the peak of three years ago.(Bill Gates Calls).  Bill Gates helped establish this foundation because their is no reason for a billion people to be hungry. He know that if people start to care that number will be lowered dramatically. That why he devoted time and money to his foundation.

Bill Gates when he was young ( ())
Bill Gates when he was young ( ())

Bill Gates didn't quite fit in with fellow peers. In fact his mom that he was socially awkward. But that didn't stop him from living up to his dream of owning his own company. They say "his technical acuity distinguishes him, perhaps more than any other CEO in America, as a corporate leader who understands every subtlety of his company's products".("Bill Gates." Newsmakers.") He didn't whant to be like anyone else. He inspired tons of people to be themselves and see where that road will take them. He also thought of way to do thing that no one would have ever even thought of. When "Gates saw that production costs in the fast-changing market of the future would fall more heavily on hardware; that is, the machines themselves. The biggest money-makers were going to be operating systems and application software, programs that could be modified and improved at relatively low cost"("Bill Gates." Newsmakers") He also found a different way to make money. He designed different programs for computers that he would sell to each company and make millions while doing so.

While some people may see Bill as an inspiration he is more than that he is a hero. Because while some people are waiting for someone to do something he taking action. While doing so people  all  over  the  world  want  to  help  pitch  in  however  they  can. One day there won't be a billion people in poverty and we can thank the hero's for showing us what we can achieve together.

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