Bill Gates

by Kevin from Suwanee

The Bill & Melinda Foundation ( ())
The Bill & Melinda Foundation ( ())
            "Bill Gates has saved over five million lives by bringing vaccines and improved healthcare to children internationally". Bill Gates is a co-founder and the former CEO of Microsoft. Bill Gates has also started the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation with his wife, Melinda Gates. Bill Gates is a hero to many because of all his donations towards making developing nations or under developing nations better.

 In an interview ABC NEWS George Stephanopoulos asked about why Bill Gates decided to donate his money he said: "Well, the first thing was the decision that it probably wouldn't be good for my kids, for it to go to them" (Stephanopoulos). He later also said: "Well my mom was very involved in the community, always gave a lot of time in non-profit activities more than anything else." (Stephanopoulos), that is why Bill Gates decided to donate his money. There are also two words I would use to describe Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a hero to many because he is a compassionate and determined person because he has made many donations to charity. According to the text, "As of April 2010 Bill Gates had donated over $36,854 billion in his lifetime over half of his net worth" (Carter). This passage illustrates that Bill Gates is compassionate because it shows how much money he donated to make the world a better place. In addition, according to the text "At age 57 Bill Gates wanted to do more including working to eradicate polio" (Tweedie). This passage illustrates that Bill Gates is determined because the passage he is working to wipe polio off the face of the earth.

            As a result of Bill Gates's work he has saved over five million lives for bringing vaccines and improved health care to children in developing nations according to Johnny Carter of viral Bill Gates has also saved more than six million lives since 1994 when he and his wife started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation according to Jemima Lewis from the


      Bill Gates is a hero for all his donations towards better health in developing countries across the globe. Personally Bill Gates is my hero because he started Microsoft, the only computer company I like. He is also my hero because I believe in equality amongst the sexes, something Bill Gates fought for at a speech in Saudi Arabia. Bill Gates is an important person because he has saved over 5 million lives by helping bring vaccines developing countries. According to Bill Snyder in 50 years Bill Gates will be remembered for his charity work not for founding Microsoft and Steve Jobs will be forgotten.

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