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Bill Gates

by Christian from San Diego

Bill Gates today
Bill Gates today

He was a small boy with big dreams, he always wanted to give the average person an upper hand on their dreams, he also knew how to. Bill Gates, the founder and president of Microsoft, started out in an ordinary home with a dad, mom and a sister but that did not stop him from being extra-ordinary. William H. Gates or Bill Gates is one of the most known names in the world but only for being the richest man or creator of Microsoft; he also contributes millions of dollars to non- profit organizations across the world. Gates is one of the biggest money donors in the world and just because he could. He created Microsoft, which helps millions of people on a daily basis do their jobs to a better standard. Bill has many characteristics but some of the best are caring and inventive, that is what makes him a hero.

Bill is very inventive; he saw a problem and tried to fix it. Believing that everybody could use the computer to its fullest extent he created Microsoft. “Guided by a belief that a computer would be a valuable tool in every office desktop and in every home, he began developing software for personal computers”. Bill saw a problem on how things were done in the world of personal computers so he changed things up a bit. He grew up in a normal home with a normal family but he tried to impact the world with all of his inventiveness. Bill had a vision that people could get along in life easier than before. “Gates' foresight and vision for personal computing have been central to the success of Microsoft and the software industry”. ( Bill had a vision for greater and easier software that anybody could use so he started with a garage business and made Microsoft. Making life easier is why Bill invented Microsoft, to make things easier on people doing daily work. All in all Bill saw a problem and decided to act.

Bill making a speech
Bill making a speech

Bill Gates may be one of the biggest money donors but he is more famous for sharing his knowledge with the world. He opened up a new book in education that helped many people. ”Gates has donated proceeds to non-profit organizations around the world”. Bill is one of the largest donors of money and software in the world today. He gives people the ability to learn better and get more ahead with his donations and great software. Bill helped companies and people achieve a level that they could never have done before. “Bill provides services and solutions that help people and business realize their full potential”. Bill helps people with their lives in only positive ways. Gates has no reason to give his software away but he does in the hope of helping other people. Bill grew up wanting to help people and god blessed him with the ability to do that with his money and great love for people.

Bill had a huge desire to help people around the world but not only with his money. Bill is one of the most caring people out there. He cares so much about other people that he gave more money away that he will put in his will for his family. Bill inspires me because he is an “active” person; he saw a problem and was intent on fixing it. He also gives so much to his community and the whole world. Bill is trying to raise the level of education so everybody has a chance in the economy today. All in all Bill is one of the few people that actually lives for other people than himself and that is what a true hero is.

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