Bill Gates

by Riley from San Diego

Literal Hero
Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Truly his whole life has been a perfect storm to become one of the wealthiest men on earth. His passion for computers began when he was in high school, he secretly snuck out before dawn every morning to use the only available computer at the college nearby. He couldn’t have his own because they cost thousands of dollars and he came from a middle income family. Problem solving was a natural gift that has served him well. He enjoyed playing board games when he wasn’t studying; he loved RISK™ but excelled at Monopoly™. Bill Gates (creator of Microsoft Co.) is a hero due to the fact that he has donated more money than anyone else in the history of mankind and firmly believes in education.

William Gates III was born October 27, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He was born into a middle class family with two sisters (one older, one younger). At the time he was in the eighth grade few children had a computer available to them he however was fortunate to have one. This gave him the hunger for computers at an early age. His mother served on the board of the United Way when he was a child, leading him to become a philanthropist later in his life. Eventually he enrolled into Harvard where he met his soon to be wife. At the point he felt he had nothing left to learn to become a soft ware designer, with his parents support, he left Harvard. That’s when he founded Microsoft Co. ™, and eventually became one of the richest men on earth.

After quickly becoming one of the most well known business men he started donating money. By 2001 he and his wife had donated over $21 billion. This included $1 billion in over 20 years to fund college scholarships. Not only does this show he’s selfless it shows his strong belief in education. This reflects his appreciation in the opportunities that were given to him in life. Several of my friends have been directly affected by him. HTHS was founded, and is supported by Bill and his wife. That’s not the only thing he’s founded. In 1995 he created the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health. P.A.T.H. is a non-profit global health organization on the cutting edge of technology. He spends countless hours working with these charities to provide quality education and health care to thousands of people who otherwise would be without it. These are just a few examples of his selflessness.

Bill is also correctly motivated. Not many people are fit to be called motivated, even fewer are fit to be called correctly motivated. In every respect Gates has shown kindness and sincerity. To better mankind he has always shown pure intentions and extreme generosity. He doesn’t even have children and yet he’s contributed more to education than several CEO’s that do. He was named one of the “Persons of the Year” by Time magazine for his humanitarian efforts. In the same magazine they named him eighth overall on a “Hero” list. With humility he has offered people not just a handout but a hand up. To be correctly motivated is the most important trait a hero could have. In my opinion you can’t be one without it.

Everything he’s ever done is for a noble cause. He made attaining knowledge more available to a wider population of youth in the United States. Bill Gates was an ordinary kid from a regular family however he has become an extraordinary man. Hero in the dictionary is described as “any person esp. a man, admired for nobility, courage, etc.” It was his unrivaled amounts of dedication, passion, and labor that got him into Harvard (and eventually what lead him to dropping out), though he did so with more dignity than anyone else. Compassion is expressed in all that he does. Therefore Bill Gates is a literal text book hero.

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