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by Collin from San Diego, CA

Bill Gates (
Bill Gates (

William Henry Gates, the co-founder and producer of Microsoft, which became the best software known to man, making him the richest person in America. Bill Gates is the most well-known self-made multi-billionaire. Gates is one of the top entrepreneurs you could think of, making more than four thousand dollars creating a schedule for his old high school. William Henry Gates III is most well known as Bill Gates. Gates was born and raised in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. He is the co-founder of Microsoft making him the richest man in the world. He later moved with his wife and three children to Medina, Washington. A hero must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach his or her goals. Bill Gates had just that, he was willing to give up everything to create Microsoft and so he did. Bill Gates was willing and knew he would make it. Gates proved his confidence when he dropped out of Harvard to pursue his life into computers.

William Henry Gates is a well invested, hard-working multi-billionaire that made his investment with a self-made business. He has worked hard to call himself the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft Corporation, the world's leading computer Software Company. Gates has played a humungous part in the internet world. He is a multi-billionaire and works hard at everything he does. He's not really a hero to say, but an amazing role model. It's crazy to think that Bill Gates is behind most everything you see on the computer. He is definitely leading the computer software world and still making an enormous impact. Bill Gates went from an upper middle-class family to being the richest man in America. But in between all of his dedication to his company settled down and got married to Mrs. Melinda Gates. Together they had three children, two daughters; Jennifer and Phoebe, and one son named Rory. One day reading an article in Popular Mechanics, Gates and Allen (Paul Allen is the person Gates cofounded Microsoft with) they later both moved to New Mexico where they came up with Microsoft. Gates' personal fortune had swelled to an estimated $15 billion, making him by far the richest self-made man in the world.

Microsoft Logo ( ())
Microsoft Logo ( ())

Bill Gates is now the richest person alive, by far, yet one thing still drives his company and their seeming ruthlessness: Gates' desire to win. Throughout his teenage years, his intelligence was apparent. At school, he would spend most of his time on a computer writing small programs. On family vacations, they would have competitions, both mental and physical, and though Bill was a solid athlete, his ability to think and examine was clearly his strength. Gates often sneaked out of the house to stay out all night at the business playing on the computer.  Toward the end of high school, Gates and Allen formed a company with a few other friends writing computer programs for local companies.  Though they were not overly successful, it was a firm beginning. Again, his intelligence and hard work ethic shined.   He took an interesting approach to his classes at Harvard; he would skip the classes in which he was enrolled and cram for each exam for a few hours. But in his sophomore year he dropped out of Harvard to start working on computers with Allen making Microsoft. The company, though Allen left it long ago, became the most successful software company in the industry. Control over the software industry has made a recent debate about the Internet, Microsoft, and its intentions for the future. Without the intelligence and driving force of Bill Gates, this company would have never made it to the top of the software industry. Gates believes that there is no winning situation, that Microsoft is merely creating new and better programs because they must, in order to stay competitive and on top of the industry.

Bill Gates is a self-confident person because unlike most well made billionaires, Bill Gates didn't have to bring anybody down to make money he just did it. Bill Gates proved that he was confident when he dropped out of Harvard University one of the top colleges to go to, knowing that he was going to make a huge impact with computers. Bill Gates has always been a highly confident person. He was always confident about his dream of becoming successful. The great managing skills of Bill Gates helped Microsoft to be a successful company. Bill Gates is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world. He is able to run a successful and a profitable entrepreneurship for many years and even today. Confidence and dedication are the keys to being a successful entrepreneur and these skills were present in Bill Gates from the beginning. His hard work, dedication and self-confidence helped him to earn everything he has. He is a simple man and slightly conservative in regards of money although he is one of the richest people of the world. With all the drive, strength, and self-confidence, Bill Gates had made him who he is today and answers why he is so well known and an inspiration. The youth can take inspirations from the life of Bill Gates. He is one of the top best role models you could have, because he works intently on everything he does, and he is an amazing self-made billionaire.

Bill Gates Holding Money ( ())
Bill Gates Holding Money ( ())

            Bill Gates is proof that even someone that doesn't get a degree or finish college, but has the faith and is willing to risk everything, will make it. If you try one-hundred percent in every little thing you do, you will get there one little step at a time. Bill Gates inspires me to charge after my dreams and goals, and make sure everything I do, to make sure I'm doing it to my best ability. He is not only an inspiration, but he is one of the best role models you could have. Gates is a powerful entrepreneur and made a big inspiration to the public world. He definitely left his mark on the world and proved to himself and everybody else what he is capable of. With all the doubt and mixed emotions about him he still is an inspiration and look where he's at today. The future of the computer world is unclear, but one thing is sure, Bill Gates will play a major role.

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