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Bill Gates

by Riad from Beirut, Lebanon

"Be nice to nerds, chances are you will end up working for one." Bill Gates said that because of what people used to do to him when he was a child, and now he ended up having billions of dollars. Bill Gates is the creator of Microsoft and a philanthropist. He likes helping people who are in need, by giving them money and doing whatever he can do to help.

Bill Gates accomplished a lot in his life. When Bill Gates was a kid, he used to work a lot in school, and because he worked a lot in school he went to one of the best colleges in the world called Harvard. He had no clue what he wanted to study. But then he had an idea of studying computer science. After locating the school’s computer center, he lost himself in the world of computers. Bill Gates would spend many nights in front of the school’s computers and the next day he would sleep in class. Paul Allen, a friend of Bill Gates, used to discuss ideas for future projects and the possibility of one day starting a business. This made them get an idea of making a software company. After three years Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, and started working with Paul Allen. After a couple of years, Microsoft was created. He earned billions of dollars because of this creation which made him one of the richest people in the world.

Bill Gates doesn’t spend all of his time working, he also helped people. Bill changed many people’s lives. Recently he gave seven hundred million dollars to a worldwide infant vaccination program. Bill Gates was counted as one of fifty most generous philanthropists in the world. Some people think Bill Gates is their hero because of creating Microsoft. But others think he is also a hero because of what a generous person he is. I think Bill Gates can teach a lot of people how to be selfless and to think about others like the poor before themselves. I chose this hero because of all the generous things he has done for many people. Like Bill Gates I am also interested in computers and technology. My goal is to accomplish a lot in my life, change and help people’s lives. Bill Gates' goal was accomplished and it is similar to mine.

Most of the times billionaires and millionaires are selfish. But Bill Gates is different. He might care about money but is my hero because he is who cares about others before himself.

Bill Gates is a hero to me to you and to many other people because of his generosity. After learning that Bill Gates is a selfless man who helps people and puts money second, I knew that he was my hero. I learned from Bill Gates that we should put ourselves or money second and put the people you care for first.

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Hi my name is Riad Chehab. I am 14 years old and I live in Beirut Lebanon. I am in a American School called ACS (American Community School). I am in the 8th grade