Bill Gates

by Denis from Dnepropetrovsk

William Henry Gates, also known as «Bill», has established himself as the richest man in the world.

Bill Gates is chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft employs more than 39,000 people in 60 countries.

He is the youngest self-made billionaire, and perhaps the best businessman in the world. Bill Gates is important because he did not only change the computer technology in America, but also created the biggest, strongest, richest and the most powerful company in the world.

Bill was born on October 28, 1955, his parents, Mary and Bill, had one other daughter Kristi.

Gates began his career in PC software, programming computers at age 13.

As to his education, he attended a well-known private school in Seattle, Washington called Lakeside. At Lakeside, he met his future business partner Paul Allen. Bill Gates entered Harvard in 1973.

He created the programming language BASIC. Gates attended Harvard University and after a few years Gates and his business collaborator, Paul Allen, dropped out of Harvard to begin the Microsoft Corporation in 1975.

Throughout his life, Gates had many experiences with business. Allen and Gates started a small company called Traf-O-Data. They sold a small computer outfitted with their program that could count traffic for the city.

Gates also worked at a programming company called 'TRW. After all his minor jobs, Gates and Allen founded Microsoft in 1975, the largest computer based company in the world. Gates is the Chief Executive officer and Paul Allen is VP. They are both very wealthy due to this business.

In 1999, Gates wrote "Business @ the Speed of Thought" a book that shows how computer technology can solve business problems in fundamentally new ways.

The book was published in 25 languages and is available in more than 60 countries. "Business @ the Speed of Thought" has received wide critical acclaim, and was listed on the best-seller lists of the "New York Times" "USA Today" the "Wall Street Journal and"

Gates believes that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence you can accomplish anything.

Bill works very hard to carry out his vision. His belief in high intelligence and hard work is what put him where he is today, as well as being in the right place at the right time. He doesn't believe in luck or any sort of god, just hard work and competitiveness. In addition to his love of computers and software, Gates is interested in biotechnology. He is an investor in a number of biotechnology companies.

«Trey» as he is called at home is a remarkable man who has been able to go into the world spotlight as a genius at what he does. His welfare until today is worth about 92,000,000,000 dollars.


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