Bill Gates

by Anthony from Barrie


William Henry Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington. He was really shy. He didn’t like to play with children. He was a loner. Even though he was a loner he was a successful person. Bill Gates is my hero because he is a good person.

The first reason why he is my hero is he is the founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates was 13 when he earned $4200 for helping make computer programs for class schedules at a school in his neighbourhood. With his friend Paul Allen, he helped form a group called Lakeside Programmers Group when he was 14. They created programs for keeping track of traffic patterns and other programs for other companies and they made a lot of money! When he was older he went to Harvard University. He left Harvard and put most of his time into his company. Later Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen started a company called Microsoft. They got good companies like IBM that paid good money and they made software packages like Microsoft Word and Excel that were really popular. In 2001, 92 per cent of computers used Windows . That’s a lot of computers! His company also created X-box, an amazing game system that’s sold over 9.4 million copies in 2003. It’s my favourite game system!

The second reason he’s my hero is he gives so much money to charity. Bill Gates had two charities, the Gates Library Foundation and the William H. Gates Foundation, and he formed them into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation has given over 8 million dollars to North American libraries for computer equipment. It helped kids’ health and education. Bill Gates was an example for the Microsoft employees and they learned from the example and they helped too, by doing community work in Seattle. He wrote two books and he gave the profit to schools. There are only two companies in the US that give more money to charity than Microsoft! If someone gives this much money to charity, it makes me think I could give money to charity when I’m older. I can help out now around the community by donating books to the library or helping people by mowing lawns and shoveling driveways in the winter.

The third reason why he is my hero is because he is a hard worker. He achieves his goals like creating the X-box game system. X-box is a complicated system with almost any game you could think of. He also created lots of other software for our own personal computers. He is a hard worker because he started his company when he was 13. Most kids don’t make over $4200 when they are that young! The company didn’t always do well but he didn’t stop trying to achieve his goals. It inspires me because I might think I can do better on a test so I don’t give up when I get a bad mark. I keep on trying till I get what I want.

Bill Gates is my hero because he’s a hard worker, he’s really successful, and he gives lots of money to charity. I hope I can be like him when I’m older.

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