Business Heroes

Bill Gates

by Robert from Minnesota

When I thought about who I was going to do this essay on I wasn't thinking about how much money the person makes or if they were famous. I thought if the person had really done something good for all of mankind. So with that in mind I thought of the one person that I truly call my hero.

Bill Gates has done so much for the world that I could really go on all day about all he has done but not going that far. Bill was one of the first computer programmers in the world. Along with the making one of the best OS systems in the world he is the one man that stopped Apple from taking over the world.

There is more than just creating software and other things like that, Bill maybe one of the richest men in the world but he does not just keep it all for himself. He gave millions of dollars away every year to charity. Not only when he is alive is he giving money to people; when he passes away he is going to give pretty much all of the billions of dollars he has to charities around the world.

Not only did Bill Gates make something that not only I but billions of people love but he also helps the people that are not a lucky as he was.

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