Bill Gates

by Ryan from Toronto

Bill Gates

Who Is Your Hero? Give a Historical Background

            My hero is William Henry Gates III better known as Bill Gates. Bill was born on October 28th 1955, in Seattle, Washington. He had one older sister and one younger one.

In eighth grade he went to a private school and started to get really interested in computers and how to program them. He spent a lot of time on the one school computer. One day he called up the company that was making these first computers and said he had a program for it, although really he didn't. The company didn't believe him but said ok anyway. For the next month he typed up code to show to the company. He did this with his business partner Paul Allen. In a month they showed their software to the company and it worked. On a different front, Bill at the same time was trying to get into college. He scored a 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT examination and got into Harvard. Midway through his time at Harvard he dropped out and started his own computer software company called Microsoft. Throughout these years Microsoft has developed into a multi billion-dollar company.

In 1994 Bill Gates married his wife now Melinda Gates. They had two daughters and one son together. They also started the Bill and Melinda Gates Charity together in 1994, which has given away an estimated 28 billion dollars away to date.

What has your hero done to make them a hero to you?

            The reason my hero is Bill Gates and not some one like Steve Jobs, whose products I use more often, is because he has given so much away to charity and is so generous. He started his own charity and has given away an approximated 28 billion dollars. His generosity amazes me; by the end of his life he wants to have given away ninety-nine percent of his money away to charity. Bill Gates is very generous and caring and that is why he is my role model.

            Why is this person important to you? How has Bill Gates made a difference in you life and in the world?

            This person is very important to me because he is one of the reasons technology are so great and since I use at least one piece of technology every day of the year. Without him the technological world, actually the whole world, would look and work differently. He has made an impact at home and abroad with the creating of his charity.

Why do you aspire to them?

I aspire to Bill Gates because he is a great person and has really helped people across the globe through both his charity and his company.

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