Business Heroes

Bill Gates

by Sebastian from Davidson

Working is hard to do but can always be done with determination and encouragement. Bill Gates is a perfect example of what hard work and determination will earn you and that is why i chose him as my hero. He made billions by developing the software that would take the world in a new era.


William Henry Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. As a child he was upper middle class and his father worked as a Seattle lawyer. he was the IV of the William Gates but was referred to as the III. His mom and dad wanted him to become a successful Lawyer but Bill had other Plans for his life. He loved technology! He started at age 13 and continued throughout his life.

He went to Lakeside school. While there he was a great student, especially in math. He even developed a tic tac toe game in which you played against the computer. A little bit after he met Paul Allen. They were best friends but little did they know they would soon work together.


Later in 1975, after dropping out of college, Bill and Allen created a company. They called it Microsoft. A mix of microcomputer and software. Their company started of very small but they grew gradually. Their company grew so big it could be split in to two divisions!, but they did not want to, so through many complicated processes the remained as one. In 1989, Bill met Melinda. He fell madly in love with her. They were later married in Hawaii. Only a few months later his mom had breast cancer. She died in June of 1994.

Bill Gates is now known as one of the richest people in the world. He works at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation devoting all his time there instead of Microsoft. One of his famous quotes was "Life's not fair, get used to it." He will forever be known as one of the world's most successful people.

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