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Bill Gates

by Avery from San Diego

Bill Gates is a hardworking, selfless, and inspirational man who has worked his way to being one of the most well known businessmen in the world. His efforts to become a successful man and great person has led him to evolve into the great man he is today. Gates is not only the "King of Software" who innovated the $340.8 billion company Microsoft, and $775 Billion Dollar company Apple, but invested in helping the poor throughout the world. (Fact, In. Alphabet, Aka Google, Briefly worth More than Apple)(Microsoft Net Worth - How Much Is Microsoft Worth? - Their Net Worth). You can find Gates and his family on the shore of Lake Washington. A true hero must possess selflessness, determination, and have a hard working aspect. Looking for good traits in a character leads them to become a hero. Bill Gates is a man who expresses selflessness and expresses a hard working image. Therefore, Gates is a hero.

Bill Gates celebrates his accomplishments  ( ())
Bill Gates celebrates his accomplishments ( ())

Gates is a hardworking man who has established such positive, strong, and successful views around him, and the work he has created. Gates knew he wanted to make something of himself in the future. Hard work was the key to his dreams when expressed through the quote, "Observers point to the two sides of Bill Gates to explain how this whiz kid could have come so far. His technical acuity distinguishes him, perhaps more than any other CEO in America, as a corporate leader who understands every subtlety of his company's products." (Bill Gates). This quote shows Gates hard work through his knowledge and love for technology. He had confidence in himself he would do great things someday, and he definitely succeeded. Over time, Gates has proven to the world that determination is key. Hard work pays off and you can do anything you set your mind to as shown in the quote: "Bill Gates is the world's wealthiest man and the founder and director of Microsoft, one of the world's largest companies. With Microsoft operating systems used in a majority of computers around the world, Gates has amassed a fortune of over $40 billion." (Bill Gates Hit with Pie). This quote shows how Gates is a hard working man because of his accomplishments and successfulness. Gates must have put a lot of effort into his job, or he couldn't have been as successful as he is today.

helping the poor in India ( ())
helping the poor in India ( ())

Bill Gates is a selfless man, which makes him a good person who has good characteristics. Bill portrays a caring and selfless character through his determination to make the world a better place as portrayed in the quote, "Helping poor farming families grow more crops and get them to market is the world's single most powerful lever for reducing poverty and hunger." (Bill Gates Calls on United States, Global Leaders to Invest in Agriculture in the Developing World). Gates is selfless because of his dream to help the poor. With the money has earned through hard work, he's confident he can make his dreams come to a reality. By sharing love and compassion throughout the world, Gates ensures to himself and others there can be more than just making money and becoming successful. This is shown when stated in the quote, "If you gave me the choice between picking the next 10 presidents or ensuring that energy is environmentally friendly and a quarter as costly, I'd pick the energy thing."(Bill Gates Powers Up). This quote shows that Gates is a selfless man through his determination for safe energy. This also shows how he has an eye for making the world a better place not only for him, but for the world as well. Gates is a compassionate and selfless character with lots of love to give throughout the world.

Gates helping the poor in Nigeria ( ())
Gates helping the poor in Nigeria ( ())

Bill Gates is a man who expresses selflessness and aspires a hard working characteristic. Therefore, Gates is a hero. Bill aspires for what he wants to become as a person and an idol. Good characteristics make up a good hero. Bill is one of a kind and is willing to do anything to make the world a better place. Gates inspires others including myself. All of Bill's accomplishments represents who he is because he is viewed as an influential world leader. He inspires many people around the world that look up to him, and want to be like him. Gates is selfless because of his willingness to donate some of the money he's worked hard to get. He's made his way into America's hearts, and has made this world a better place through his caring and generous deeds. Overall Gates strives to be the best he can be; and inspires others to do the same. Therefore he is my hero.

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