Bill Gates

by Rayan from San Diego

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Bill Gates one of the richest men in the world because of his success both in technology and philanthropy. Gates wasn't born into success he had to work hard to become the man he is today. Gates was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. At a young age Gates showed interest in technology specifically computer programming. As he got older he attended Harvard University, but then dropped out after two years to pursue his interest in computer programming. Gates and his partner Paul Allen soon created the company Microsoft. After all of his success in technology he married a Microsoft manager named Melinda French which they both later on had three children named Jenifer, Rory John, and Phoebe. Later on in his career he stepped down his job as the CEO of Microsoft to start his own charity foundation with his wife Melinda. A hero must be perseverant which means some one that will work hard to achieve their goal and someone that is selfless, who is willing to look after others. Bill Gates has perseverance and is selfless by creating Microsoft and starting his own charity foundation help people around the world.

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Bill Gates is a hero because he is a selfless person, leaving his company Microsoft to become a philanthropist and started his own charity foundation. Gates saw that he wanted to help change the world through charity by helping with education and health throughout the world, "In that same month Gates, along with his wife Melinda and U2 singer Bono, were named Time's Persons of the Year for their charitable work toward reducing poverty and disease throughout the world"("Bill Gates." Newsmakers). In this quote Gates has been named person of the year, including his wife and Bono, because of his selfless acts to reduce poverty and disease in the world. Gates has shown how he wants to be able to help people around the world with his foundation because he feels that he needs to be able to give back for all that he has gained from his success. Another example of Gates selfless acts would be when he ran his company while spending most of his time to his charity foundation, "Gates continued to be Microsoft's chairman and part-time technical adviser, but he devoted most of his time to directing the activities of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation"("Bill Gates." Encyclopedia of World Biography). Gates stepped down from being the CEO of Microsoft to pursue his charity foundation. This shows how Gates would be a selfless person by staying active in his charity while running Microsoft. These are some reasons why Bill Gates is a hero because of his selfless acts he defines him-self as a hero.

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Gates made him-self known today through his work with technology and how he persevered to become the person he is today by creating Microsoft and his charity foundation. Gates showed with hard work comes with achievements by successfully starting his own charity foundation after he left Microsoft, "He stepped down as a full-time employee of Microsoft in order to devote more time to managing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He remained as Microsoft's non-executive chair, and he also worked part-time on special projects for the company, but he really wanted to focus on the Foundation's work in the areas of education and health"("Bill Gates." Newsmakers). Gates although stepped down from being the head chairman of Microsoft he wanted to still have some say in the company, but at the same time he wanted to help with his foundation. In addition to leaving Microsoft Gates spent his time in crucial areas like education and health to be able to give everyone a chance at a successful life. In order for Gates to get to where he is today he had to work hard to achieve his goals, "James Wallace and Jim Erickson quote Gates as saying, "I can do anything if I put my mind to it." His ambition made him the head of a robust, innovative software firm and the richest man in America." Gates was able to receive the title as the richest man in America because of his self-motivation to be creative, because he told himself that, "I can do anything if he put his mind to it" (Gates). In addition to Gates and him saying, "I can do anything if he put his mind to it" (Gates) he was able to be successful and accomplish whatever he set his mind to. Gates is a hero because of all the things he was able to throughout his life from co-founding Microsoft to starting his charity foundation with his wife.

Gates has shown to the world that a boy with a dream and hard work can achieve many things in and throughout life. Gates being a perseverant person as well as his selfless acts to help others define him as a hero. Bill Gates is an inspiration to me because he showed me how to pursue my goals no matter the obstacles. Throughout Gates's life he showed me that with hard work comes success which inspires me to become successful.

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