Bill Gates

by Zachary from San Diego

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"Bill Gates wrote his first software program at the age of 13" ("Gates, Bill." Britannica). Gates had the mind of a genius with the imagination of a child. He wasn't only smart, but also a very charitable man: "In June of 2008, Gates was ready to devote his full-time energy to matters of philanthropy; He stepped down as a full-time employee of Microsoft in order to devote more time to managing his charity." ("Gates, Bill." Business). Gates never lived the "rich life"; he was born in a normal home, and his house now isn't that amazing. He never cared too much about his life, but instead about the lives of others; he has more determination than most people I can name, and the heart of an angel; therefore, he is a hero.

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Bill Gates' determination is a big reason why he is a billionaire today. He didn't just WANT to be successful, but he would never stop striving to reach the top: "When Gates dropped out of Harvard in 1975, he ended his academic life and began his career in earnest as a software designer and entrepreneur. He went on to co-found Microsoft with Allen" ("Gates, Bill." Business). Gates was so eager to start his own business that he dropped out of school and began his company with a friend right away. Nothing was stopping him because he knew what he wanted to do. He was always interested in software and improving his entire life: "at the age of 13. In high school he helped form a group of programmers who computerized their school's payroll system and founded Traf-O-Data" ("Gates, Bill." Britannica). Even before he was high school he could do what some people don't know how to do in their entire life, with worse technology. He knew what his mind was capable of, so he made sure that whatever he did was in the best interest of his successful future.

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Gates' integrity describes who he really is. He helps kids all around the world using his own money, asking for nothing in return. "In January 2004 Gates was named for honorary knighthood" ("Gates, Bill." Business). He is an incredible donator that seems as if he never stops. Some may think that since he has billions of dollars it's easy for him to donate, but he doesn't just donate money, he makes new technology to make life much easier for the misfortunate in Africa. He makes refrigerators with usage of electricity and even coolers that can keep things inside frozen for up to 40 days with only one pack of ice. He does so much for them it seems he has no time for himself: "In June of 2008, Gates stepped down as a full-time employee of Microsoft in order to devote more time to managing the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" ("Gates, Bill." Business). He spends almost every day coming up with new ways to help the poor, so he had to quit his software job to keep up with his charity. Even to this day he still spends time, money, and effort to his charity. Bill Gates is an incredible man that knows that money doesn't fix everything, so he thinks of new ways to solve problems.

Bill Gates is deserving of the title "Hero" because of his determination and integrity. We all hope for world peace one day, but none of us do much about it; however, Gates does. He steps out of his way to do what is right. I think it's unfair for people to say he's so rich that charity is nothing for him, but he devotes most of his life for these people, and that is something most people shy away from or ignore. "In July, Gates announced that his foundation would donate $287 million to 16 groups of scientists to fund research into a vaccine against HIV. And in September of 2006, the Foundation donated $150 million to improve agriculture in Africa" ("Bill Gates." Newsmakers). His work ethic is also something to be marveled at; he doesn't always look for success, but to be ahead of the competition. Kids always dream of becoming someone important or rich, and Gates is both of them; he sets up as a role model for all the youth and helps bring out the potential of the unheard in Africa.

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