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Bill Gates

by Soroush from San Diego

Gates relentlessly kept studying therefore throughout his efforts Gates was accepted into UCB. Halfway through Gates' time in college, he decided to drop out of Berkeley to open a computer company in his garage. Five years after Gates worked from his garage, Microsoft computers became available in the public turning his small business into a huge corporation. After Gates had finished his career in Microsoft, he put all of his time and energy to help advance third world countries by providing a clean source of water and small forms of education. Through these efforts Gates has become a hero illuminating three powerful qualities of selflessness, humanitarian ventures and devotion. Gates inspires me because he gives helpless people equal opportunity to live a healthy life and give them a fair chance for an education.

Gates devotes all of his attention towards his charity the Gates Foundation which provides clean sources of water, research funds for harmful diseases and an education. Although Gates had a kingly life he devotes his times to causes, "... In the 1990s, Bill and Melinda learned about millions of children who needed simple medical treatments. With an expanded focus, we sought out and supported groups who were saving lives around the world." Actions such as these show time, courage and devotion to a single project helps bring sanitary drinking water, bringing vaccinations and libraries to a people of need. Gates spends time to provide a better lifestyle with his time and money to strangers who truly have no source of a healthy lifestyle. Many people devote their time to their lives while, "The Gates Foundation sets goals that include eradicating extreme poverty, reducing child deaths, and fighting disease. Our foundation and other supporters hope to work together to complete the goals by 2015." Gates sets up goal to accomplish to not only better a single community but instead better all places shows his devotion to each individual certain project. Gates not only cares about himself but us as in entire population, to make each individual realize their true potential and providing a healthy path on the way. Gates devotes his time to projects like these to develop a brighter future for all.

Gates cares for Africa (
Gates cares for Africa (

Gates establishes traits of selflessness by extensively putting in hard work to better a broken community. Gates furthers others lives by providing a partial education, "the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's first grants, made in 1997, funded free Internet access in U.S. public libraries as a way to give all people ready access to information and the opportunities that come with digital skills and connectivity." Certain act such as this one validates Gates' authority on global education. Aforementioned acts such as these provide an individual with the hard work and selflessness to give your money and time to better the misfortunate. Gates is working towards providing the internet towards everyone by, "working in partnership with governments and other public and private funders to expand technology access in public libraries, foster innovation in libraries, train library leaders, and advocate for policy changes that benefit public libraries." Acts such as these mentioned provide the attention Gates has for those misfortunate people. These selfless acts committed by Gates deteriorate his distinguished determination to better not only his community but better an entire people as a population. Gates constantly proves selfless acts by bringing the internet and education to people not fortunate enough to provide with the internet; where an education can blossom into a new life.

Gates demonstrates humanitarian ventures by helping fund research to cure third world problems and diseases. "Over the past two decades, significant progress has been made in the fight against tuberculosis (TB). Between 1990 and 2009, TB mortality worldwide fell by 35 percent. This drop in people diagnosed with TB has dropped drastically due to the efforts of the Gates Foundation." Gates shows his passion and goodwill towards the people by curing disease; Gates funds this as a result of Gates sacrificing his money to benefit others. These acts also show that Gates determination to benefit others who need help rather than one. However Gates doesn't stop there to help the less fortunate by, "Gates Foundation's Water, Sanitation & Hygiene program focuses on the development of tools and technologies that can lead to radical and sustainable improvements in sanitation in the developing world. Although we support some clean water and hygiene projects, sanitation is our top priority because we have identified it as a neglected area in which we can spur significant change." This display of generosity and helping provide clean water shows, Gates wants a better future for the less fortunate. This also shows Gates concentration towards improving the conditions for humanity to grow and blossom to humanities fullest potential.

Gates, a hero to everyone worldwide by the projects he undertakes and advances each project to its next level. Gates inspires people to not only inspires people by showing anything is possible through his life story but instead he advances others choices to make the right decision. Gates shows his passion by providing common welfare amongst people without a chance otherwise. "To deepen our efforts to give everyone the chance to live a healthy, productive life, we restructure the foundation with two priorities: global health and global development," Gates time in and out demonstrates three illuminating heroic qualities which remains truly only proven by deeds of the highest level in selflessness, humanitarian ventures furthermore devotion.

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