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Bill and Melinda Gates

by Sean from Hingham

I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.

Bill Gates made over 100 million dollars over his career at Microsoft! Bill and Melinda Gates are well educated and wonderful people. They are Caring, Selfless and also great role models. That’s why Bill and Melinda are heroes.

Bill and Melinda are super compassionate people. They spend much of their time donating and helping their own charity foundation called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They donated as much as 28 billion dollars to their charity over the years; this foundation helps many kids in need, through a global health initiative and through schools and libraries. Their main effort funds education opportunities for children. Also Bill and Melinda are caring because they spend their unselfish energy for other people's needs and not their own. This is why Bill and Melinda are super caring people.

These lovely people are huge role models for children and adults alike. For his education, Bill went to Harvard University and showed an amazing interest in computers and programming. Bill later dropped out to pursue his dream in becoming a computer engineer. When Gates started Microsoft, his stock was valued at $21 a share. He quickly realized major gains in his investment as his stock gained in value overnight. After Microsoft’s IPO, Bill Gates was worth $234 million dollars! Melinda Gates, although not the founder of Microsoft, was a unit product manager for Microsoft before marrying Bill Gates in 1994. From the time Microsoft became public, the Gates were officially the richest people in the world. After realizing his gains, Bill stepped down from Chairman of Microsoft and today, he and Melinda spend most of their time with their charity foundation. This shows me that Bill pursued his dream with the support of Melinda and emerged a hero above all others. That’s why Bill and Melinda Gates are great role models to both children and adults everywhere.

Lastly, I think that this couple is extremely selfless in all of their actions. They are always doing something to help another person. The biggest example of their selflessness is how much time and money they spend to help the schools, libraries, and children. They have started many programs that help many people. That’s why these wonderful people are selfless.

In conclusion Bill and Melinda are caring, selfless and lastly, great role models. They help many people and are great heroes because of their amazing kindness and generosity. That’s why I think Bill and Melinda Gates are incredible heroes in my life.

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