Bill Gates

by Beau from Illinois

This is a picture of Bill Gates in Poland (
This is a picture of Bill Gates in Poland (

My hero’s name is Bill Gates. He was born on October 28, 1955. He is still alive till this very day. He was born and raised in a city called Seattle. Seattle is a city in Washington the state. When he was a teenager he attended Harvard University for two years. He, in 1992, won a national medal of technology. He was an American entrepreneur. That is some biographical information on my hero, Bill Gates.

My hero, Bill Gates invented Microsoft. He also has lots and lots of money. He makes lots of money on Microsoft and some of the money that he makes he gives to charity. He gives to charity for education, and healthcare. He wants people that it’s hard for them to learn, to still learn. He donates money for healthcare so the people can get the things that they need. That is what Bill Gates does for the country and more importantly the people of the country.

Why did I choose Bill Gates? Well because of the amount of money he gives to charity. Not only is he the richest man in the world but I think that he’s the nicest man in the world as well. He makes me want to invent something high- tech and give a lot of the money to charity. He is thoughtful and generous. That is why Bill Gates is my hero!

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