Bill Gates

by Phynesse from Kent

The World Changing Invention

Without computers, where would we be? Our whole generation revolves around technology. If that was taken from us, many objects would be indescribably different. To be the change, Bill Gates helped the world by advancing computers and computer programs.

Bill knew what he wanted to be for most of his life. He would spend hours of his free time working on programs He would team up with an old buddy from Lakeside school that also had an interest in computer programming. He had keen business strategies and had very aggressive competitive tactics. Bill Gates built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft. While evening out everything, he still made sure he made something of himself, his goal was to help people and make a difference.

It all began with an interest in computer programming at the age of thirteen. He spent hours studying reference books and encyclopedia. He was around the age eleven or twelve when his parents got nervous because they thought he might become a loner so they put him in an exclusive preparatory school where he was passing all his classes, math, science, drama, and English. Bill also wrote a version of the programming language Basic for the MITS Altair microcomputer. Another one of his accomplishments was running his own small company called Thaf-O-Data and he sold a computer to the city of Seattle. Even though Bill Gates is the richest man in the world he needed to get through schooling.

Before graduation for Harvard, Bill and his friend Paul Allen made Microsoft through technological innovation. On November 10th, 1983 Gates finally announced his company Microsoft and becomes famous for their computer operating systems and Microsoft Windows.

The world wasn’t the same once we got advanced computers and programs. All starting with just an interest, he knew the career he wanted to have all his life, before graduation for Harvard Bill and his friend Paul made Microsoft. Since computers helped us so much these days, our whole generation revolves around technology and is still evolving to bigger things.

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