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Bill Gates

by Moazzam from Ansonia

Bill Gates (
Bill Gates (

A person who is reliable and a good person is most likely recognized as a hero. I`m sure you might have a hero or used to have a hero. Well does he have these qualities? If he does, you weren’t wrong calling him a hero. Well I can tell you I have a hero. This person could never be mistaken to be called a genius of geniuses. He is ………………………… Bill Gates, a multi billionaire and still getting richer. That`s just a little about him, if you really want to uncover his story do nothing but read this story!!!!!! I’ll tell you why I think he’s a hero. My first reason is he is really smart. My second reason is he did something that changed the world for the better. My third and final reason is how he became what he is right now. So go on start reading, no one can stop you..

Bill Gates had a quite interesting early life. That early life led him to what he became to this very day. My first example is he went to a school named Lakeside School. During that time computers were available in the schools. Bill Gates was allowed to skip math class to pursue his interest in computers. He graduated Lakeside School and went on to Harvard University. During his time there he mostly used the computers. Then he and his friend saw an opportunity to start a company. So he left Harvard University and started to make his quest come true. After much hard work he finally got what he wanted and his company boomed! They began to launch new things. Bill Gates became a multi-billionaire. That just comes to show you that if you follow your dreams it can come true. So these were the examples of the things that led him to what he is today.

Yes, you heard correctly and vividly that Bill Gates is really smart I can prove it. When Bill Gates was a teenager he scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT exam. That is amazing! That is like getting a 170 on an IQ test. Bill went on to Harvard University. Evan though a lot of people have been gone to Harvard with full scholarships, not many have left Harvard because they wanted to start a company. That’s exactly what Bill Gates did and that proves my point exactly. In fact, he went on to create the spectacular company, Microsoft Corporation. That company is really successful only because Bill Gates had the thought and guts to make it work.. As you can see Bill Gates is incredibly smart.

People think 2012 is going to change the world but Bill Gates already did. You might already know why, but I’ll tell you anyway. He invented Microsoft Inc. Microsoft is a computer software company. In fact I wrote this prompt on Microsoft Word. So you should probably know my first example: he invented Microsoft. He changed the world for the better especially because in our new modern day life this software is really important for us. This technology has really helped humanity. For example, it helps us in every day life. Finally Bill Gates really did something unimaginable by inventing Microsoft because without it a lot of things might not have happened. For, example computers would’ve never been so modern and high ‘tech’. So as you can see Bill Gates has really changed modern life.

Now tell me, do you agree that Bill Gates is considered a hero? Saying yes is a good choice. The reason I call him a hero is because he’s really smart, he changed the world, and he reached his goals. So I hope you really learned more about Bill Gates. Also I hope you like reading this essay. Farewell and goodbye. Also always follow your dream just like Bill Gates did. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a multi billionaire just like Bill.

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