Bill Gates

by Mark from Atglen

Bill's child life  

            Have you ever wondered where Microsoft came from? Well, Bill Gates produced it. Not only did he do this but he had other businesses too. First, in Seattle, Washington, October 28, 1955 little William Henry Gates was born. Everybody called him Bill as his nickname. Right now Bill is 56 and he will be turning 57 in October. When he was a kid he went to a private school called Lakeside Private School. Lakeside had a very advanced learning environment with a new fangled computer. Bill worked out bugs in the computer and loved to be on it. Soon after that he made a company called Traf-O'-Data. He must have been friendly because he worked with his best friend for years.

Bill's mid-life

Bill was working his way to be the wealthiest man in the world. What got him there was his business MicroSoft. Microsoft Windows runs a whole lot of computers today. Microsoft is a computer Runner that comes with all computers with the exception of Apple. In fact you might be reading this on a Windows computer. Bill has to be persistent to write the code for the computers. But that was when he was a little younger and didn't have workers to do that for him. Now he has a ton of workers in the factories, stores, offices and even in his house! I know I didn't cover all the departments of Microsoft but you get the point that there is a lot.

Bill today

Bill is a 56 year old man and still is inventive. Bill is probably the wealthiest man in world. Bill lives in a huge mansion and when I say huge I mean HUGE!!!!!!!! He still loves computers and writes some code for some new products but pretty much he lives a life of luxury. If I was Bill Gates I would not leave my desk unless a national emergency occurs. Like my mom with a braid in her hair.


Windows is a computer program that you need for a P.C. Bill Gates invented it. With the exception of Mac, Windows runs every computer on earth. Now I'm sure there are some crazy other computer programs for computers but most of the computers in America that are not Mac are run by Windows. Windows has some competition though; Mac has released the Mac book air. Lots of people are turning to Mac. Bill Gates is my hero because he changed the world of computers. Computers are my very favorite thing to do.

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