Bill Gates

by Daniel from Poquoson

Do you know Bill Gates made his first software company when he was 13 years old? He did. A hero is someone with new ideas to help with everyday life. A hero is also someone who is helpful to others. Another kind of hero is someone who is generous to others. Bill Gates is the creator of Microsoft and my hero.

A hero is someone with new ideas to help in everyday life. Bill Gates made one of the most used items in the whole world. He created Microsoft, the biggest computer and technology creation ever made. By the time he was thirty-one he became one of the world’s richest men. Microsoft became a worldwide phenomenon.

A hero is someone who is innovative. He was the most innovative person I can think of out of all of the inventors with new ideas. He first became an innovative person when he was 13 years old. That’s when he came up with his own software company. About ten years later he created Microsoft. Fifteen years later he made a new computer chip that cost less and had better memory.

A hero is someone who is charitable. Bill and his wife Melinda have started their own charity company called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He donates millions of dollars to the charity each year. When he was forty-four he became a $55.2 billionaire.

Bill Gates is my hero because I would not be able to play on the computer, or play some video games. He is a hero to a lot of people because without him we might not have computers. He has changed my everyday life by creating Microsoft, which has inspired me to make something to help other people with their everyday lives. I have learned to keep thinking of succeeding in school and in my new ideas.

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