Bill Gates

by Nick from Richmond (Barb Darrow) (Barb Darrow)

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He was born William Henry Gates but is most known as Bill Gates. He is most credited for his creation of the computer company, Microsoft. He has also donated billions to charity and is still actively donating. Bill Gates first started showing interest in computers and programming at the age of thirteen. He first started his career with his partner, Paul Allen. Together they made their first game on a computer, a simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe using code. Then in 1975, after gates had dropped out of college, he and Paul Allen created their company, Microsoft. Soon after Bill had become the richest man in the US. He then married Melinda French and had three kids. Soon Bill Gates and Melinda French started the Bill and Melinda organization which fights to stop world problems.

Bill Gates is a hero without a cape, but he does not need a cape to save the lives of millions of people. Gates and his wife Melinda started a foundation called "The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation." This organization focuses on solving problems that governments do nothing about. Gates has donated over 27 billion dollars to charities and 8 million dollars to solve world problems from this organization. Without Bill Gates, we would also not have the Xbox. Most kids today, including myself, play Xbox on a daily basis and this would not be possible without Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a hero to me because he created Xbox. Now I know heroes are supposed to be people who save lives, but his creation of Microsoft has deeply affected my life. Without Microsoft, Xbox would not exist which would be the end of the world for me. I got drawn to him one day while I was playing Xbox and I thought about going outside to play and wondered what it would be like without Xbox and Microsoft. Most people would not agree that he is a hero because of Microsoft, but without him, we would not have Windows on our computers which help them run when we use them every day. Bill Gates would make a great role model, teaching kids to follow their passions and great things could happen. I would sum up Bill Gates with one word: Revolutionary because Microsoft revolutionized the world.

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