Bruce Allen Hamilton

by Mariah from California

Bruce Hamilton is my hero because he is an awesome teacher and taught me how to think out of the Box. He also taught me pre-algebra. People don't exactly know how to think out of the Box, but Mr. Hamilton told me how. I'm not mentally ill or anything, but I've just got to say, he's taught me great things! You see, Mr. Hamilton is really nice, and sarcastic, but his way of teaching is awesome.

Mr. Hamilton is the best teacher I know. He is awesome and knows how to get people to do what he wants. Mr. Hamilton has an awesome way of teaching; FUN! He knows how to get kids to learn EFFECTIVELY. Mr. Hamilton is the best teacher I have ever known, and probably will know. He taught me that you don't just have to follow what the teacher asks; you can go beyond the beyond.

I have many friends that were in his class, too. They all had fun, but others didn't. Sometimes, 'life' in Mr. Hamilton's class is frustrating, at times. Mr. Hamilton sometimes intimidates people, but that's ok. In pre-algebra, a lot of people dropped out because they couldn't keep up. But I didn't. I've become a little more obnoxious, but that's ok.

Mr. Hamilton has inspired a lot of students. Many of his former students visit him often, telling about their lives, and how he helped them shape it. They tell him jokes, and funny stories, and he shares some too. I still visit him too. I may be 11, but that's ok. Mr. Hamilton tries to help as many kids as possible to think outside of the box. You see, people that think outside of the box are people like Albert Einstein. And I quote, from Mr. Hamilton "You never know if the person you taught to think out of the box could figure out the cure for cancer." That's how smart Mr. Hamilton is. Many people think that a person like him, obnoxious, sarcastic, and funny, can't achieve a lot. But, Mr. Hamilton proves them wrong. He has achieved many things, and lives happily at home, and teaches the 5th grade.

Nobody understands him as much as most of the students he's helped. I understand him, and so do many others. Mr. Hamilton's way of teaching may be VERY different, but many kids have had fun in his class, while learning, and have become smart. Many kids that took Pre-Algebra with him are in Algebra 1, even though they're in the 6th grade! Mr. Hamilton is the best, and I hope you understand that. That is why Mr. Hamilton is my hero.

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