Animals Heroes

Binti Jua

by Eduardo from Fontana

Binti Jua is an ape who was born March 17, 1988 in Columbus, Ohio and saved a three year old kid. The kid climbed up a rail and fell into a zoo exhibit that was 18 feet high! Binti Jua saved the little child's life. Binti Jua's 17 month-old baby was there when this happened.

Binti Jua is my hero because she helps others, and saves people and doesn't just care about herself. I think that Binti was or is really nice with others. Binti Jua is a hero because she helps others, cares for others, inspires people to do good things; a good role model.

Binti Jua is a hero to me because she has changed and inspired me. Binti made me realize that I should be nicer to people and care for others besides myself. She also made me think before I make choices, to make good choices that will help me in life. I know she is just an animal but she is still a hero to me.

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