Binti Jua

by Sakura from Saipan

Binti Jua rests with her baby. (
Binti Jua rests with her baby. (

Some people say that she is tough on the outside, but with a heart of gold underneath. Binti Jua is an 8 year old female gorilla that earned the global headlines for saving a boy in 1996. She is a resident of the Brookfield Zoo. Binti Jua is my hero because she is a life saver, smart, and inspirational.

Holds a boy after he falls. (
Holds a boy after he falls. (

Binti Jua is a lifesaver. She is a lifesaver, because in 1996 at the Brookfield Zoo, she saved a 5-year old boy that was falling from an 8 foot tall fence. She saved him by not attacking him, and carried him gently over to the zoo keepers. If she didn’t save the boy, he could have died.

Binti Jua is smart. While she was holding and playing with her infant, she sensed that somebody was in need of her help, so she rushed over to the fence, and was just in time to catch the boy. Gorillas are like people. They live as a family, and groom each others hair using their teeth and fingers. Not a lot of animals can use their fingers that creatively. They can also build their own place to sleep, and a platform.

Binti Jua plays with her baby at Brookfield Aoo
Binti Jua plays with her baby at Brookfield Zoo

Binti Jua is inspiring. After saving the boy, she carefully carried him over to where the zoo keepers were, while holding her own infant and gently handed the boy, who was unconscious at that point, over to the zoo keepers.

Gorillas can be frightening, like when they start to pound their chests, and roaring. But Binti Jua and other gorillas can be very nice, and harmless. I picked Binti Jua to be my hero, because I look up to animals, I love animals, and she is not just an animal, but a life animal.

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