Animals Heroes

Binti Jua

by Rosie from Laguna Beach

Binti Jua is a female gorilla that lives in the Brookland Zoo. She has a little baby gorilla. Now I will tell you what Binti Jua has done.

On August 16, 1996 Binti Jua saved a three year old boy who climbed an 18 ft. fence and fell into the gorilla exhibit. Then Binti Jua found the boy and brought him to the people who could help him. (The little boy stayed in the hospital four days before he was released.)

There is another gorilla who did just about the same thing. Similar behavior has been seen with other chimps who "comfort" each other after an attack or other trauma.

I chose this animal because I thought she was interesting. I also chose her because I didn't know that gorillas would know what to do in a situation like this. I was also interested by her background. That is why I chose Binti Jua.

Binti Jua backround is really interesting. Her aunt is Koko the gorilla. Koko is now very famous because she is one of the only gorillas that can tell people what she wants. She does that by using sign language. Her parents are also very interesting. If you want to learn more about Binti Jua, there is another report about her. I think Binti Jua is a great animal!!!

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