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Benjamin Kahn

by Nate from Iowa

I think Benjamin Kahn shows good citizenship. He takes care of the ocean. He is responsible to. He showed caring too by taking care of the sea. I like him because I like the ocean and he saves it.

"Benjamin Kahn was born in Israel. He loved to go snorkeling with his dad in the Red Sea. The reefs of Eilat were an underwater wonderland, where forests of coral teemed with seahorses and with schools of pulsing, multicolored fish."

He studied marine biology and left Israel for the U.S. When he came back in 2000 to live in Israel and dive again in the Red Sea, it was murky. There were 30 coral species dead, the fish were gone, and it looked like an underwater boneyard.

His family owns seven giant aquarium parks around the world. First, he got his family to come up with ways to save the coral. His toughest fight was on land. Today they are still fighting to save the sea.

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