B. B. King

by Eric

In B.B King’s rare life many bad things happened. He also did a few bad things to earn money. When he was only nine after his parents divorced , his mother died. After his mother’s death he slept in the back of bars. He also hustled people for money on the streets of Memphis. Every day he would always hear people playing guitars. But one night he was listening to a group and it was a group he never heard before. When he heard who they were he immediately fell in love with Muddy Waters. After he found out who they were he saved up for a guitar. When he bought his guitar he constantly played it. He basically taught himself how to play. Sometimes he never slept he just played his guitar. He ended up having Muddy Waters his biggest influence.

He became older and opened up a blues bar and bought a house on a twenty block stretch of Beagle street in Memphis, Tennessee. A few years later he became a blues artist and played at bars. Slowly he graduated into bigger places. In 1960 he became one of the most popular guitarists in the world! He ended up entertaining presidents, queens , and stadiums. At one of his concerts a drunk who did not like him tried pulling him off of the stage.

B.B. King is a very hard working man because he has come up with many great songs. He has came a long way to be so famous. At every one of his concerts always tries his best to keep his life supported. He became even more famous because in 1990 he earned a medal of honor. He also got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A few years later he started working at two different radio stations.

These are many reasons why B.B King is very famous. But many people like him because he accomplished many things in his on going career.

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